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How Much Should I Pay for a Chihuahua? Let’s Put a Price on Friendship.

How Much Should I Pay for a Chihuahua? Let’s Put a Price on Friendship.



Although most of us don’t consider getting a puppy as a regular purchase, everybody at some point gets curious how much does a Chihuahua cost. Mainly those questions appear when we hear about some enormous price tags that seem entirely unrealistic. And how do you put a price on a living being after all?

If you are curious how much you should pay for your new furry friend, you should first determine how exactly you are planning to get a Chi. Basically, there are two scenarios:


  • Adopt a Chihuahua – in this case, you will only pay the shelter fee, and that is pretty much it
  • Buy a Chihuahua from a breeder – here, the price range is extremely vivid and depends on numerous factors.


That is why in this article, we shall mainly talk about the fair breeders` prices and what they depend on. However, you must understand that paying for a dog itself is not the entire investment. Even if you adopt your Chi from a shelter or get a puppy as a present, your furry friend will require vet’s services, food, bedding, and numerous other essential accessories like clothes, toys, etc.


What Is The Standard Price For The Chihuahua Puppy?


When we talk about buying a Chihuahua puppy from a breeder, the price range can vary from several hundred to several thousand. Such diversity is usually the reason why many people get concerned about whether the money a local breeder is asking for the puppies is fair.

What Is The Standard Price For A Chihuahua Puppy Chihuahua Empire Blog

However, it is essential to understand that puppies` prices depend on numerous factors, including the location, type of Chihuahua, its rarity, and more. Let’s go over them to clearly understand what price range you can expect in your area.


  • The breeder. Those adorable Chihuahua puppies are a business for breeders. A company that operates in a highly diverse and competitive market. Just like any other business people, breeders have to invest in the establishment and development of their enterprise. They advertise, make connections, travel, and study all the time to be able to offer you the best, healthiest high-quality Chihuahua puppies. Therefore, the breeder’s experience, qualification, and reputation often play a decisive role in a price tag. You may always take a shot with a beginner and save a great deal of money, but just like with any other purchase, once you decided to invest in your Chihuahua, it is better to address competent and reputable seller
  • Bloodline. When you decide to get a Chihuahua, you should determine how vital the genealogy would be to you. If you are looking for a compact furry friend without specific demands for the dog’s exterior or plans to participate in dog shows, putting the bloodline factor aside can save you thousands. A puppy that comes from awarded parents can cost up to $5000. And the more champions there are in the bloodline, the higher is the price tag
  • Certifications. Once you are interested in a purebred puppy, get ready to pay some additional money for the certificate. Several organizations, such as AKC (American Kennel Club), provide puppy certifications according to the standards and heritage. By the way, pay attention to parents` certificates then. They also influence the puppy’s price
  • Presale checks. Many breeders offer prospective buyers presale puppy checks conducted by professionals. A Vet would check a puppy’s joints, eyes ears and perform several tests that would determine possible health complications. At the same time, a behavior expert would help you choose a puppy with a preferable temper. Such tests add some cost for your Chihuahua puppy but guarantee that you won’t get any unpleasant surprises after the deal is done
  • Pre-care. Most reputable breeders provide specific vaccinations for the puppies before putting them on the market. They also take care of the feeding routine and even start potty and crate training. The more pre-care a breeder invests into a puppy, the smoother will be his or her introduction to your family.


All the factors mentioned above influence the price. However, it does not mean that when a breeder announces to you how much they want for a Chihuahua puppy, all those fees are included automatically. First of all, most of them are pretty subjective, and breeders are not obliges to conduct advanced medical checks upon, invite experts, or potty train your puppy. They may either do it on demand or use those as an argument if you question their asking price.

How Much Does Chihuahua Puppy Cost Chihuahua Empire Blog

Also, as we have already mentioned, breeding is the same retail business as any other. The laws of marketing work in the breeder’s community the same as in your local supermarket. That is why asking for a price makes sure that you know precisely what it includes, which additional options and services do the breeder provides, and how important are they for you.


How Much Does Chihuahua Ownership Cost?


As we have already mentioned, buying the puppy is not the end of the story. Your furry friend cannot do without food, grooming, vet, and numerous other important things.

Good news, if you are a first-time dog owner, the first year will be the most demanding one. Your expenses will reduce significantly with time. However, make sure that you are financially ready to pull through the first year without compromising on your puppy’s health, safety, and comfort.

Let’s go over the essential spending you will have to estimate the Chihuahua owning costs:


  • The Chihuahua puppy - $300 +
  • Vet checkup - ~$150
  • Pet insurance - ~$120
  • Professional training ~$150
  • Flea/ tick treatment and deworming - ~$100
  • Accessories (bed, collar, leash, etc.) - ~$250


Eventually, just to get a puppy and bring him or her to your house safely will cost you more or less $1000+. Of course, we took the most standard prices that will vary greatly depending on the factors we have mentioned above along with the quality and necessity of certain services and accessories.

However, you should also consider regular spending that will accompany you throughout your pet’s whole life:


  • Food - ~$30
  • Treats and toys - ~$15
  • Regular vet checkups - ~$80
  • Grooming - ~$25


Once again, the prices will vary according to where you live and which products you choose. However, it is essential that you understand that taking a Chihuahua puppy home, you take responsibility for the life of another living being. Make sure that by optimizing your Chihuahua-owning budget, you don’t compromise on the pet’s safety and life quality.


How Can I Spend Less?


Although it is your responsibility to provide your Chihuahua puppy with safe, healthy, and comfortable conditions, it does not mean that you will have to spend thousands every month. There are several reasonable and pretty efficient ways to minimize your Chihuahua-owning costs:


  • Research. Of course, it will be most comfortable to get all the necessary services and accessories directly from the breeder or place that he or she recommends. However, you might understand that the closest option is hardly the cheapest one. It is always a great idea to conduct independent research, survey the market learn about prices in your area. This way, you get a chance to significantly cut the costs while getting all the best for your Chihuahua puppy
  • Choose your pet shop and become a steady customer. Most pet shops have a policy of special treatment for their steady customers. Buying from the same business, you can get significant discounts and even free treats for your pup regularly
  • Learn to groom your Chihuahua. Many owners are afraid to bathe their Chis or clean their ears because they seem so fragile. In fact. Grooming a Chihuahua is not rocket science, and you can master it yourself, saving a lot of money
  • Train the puppy yourself. Training services are as important for a Chi as they are for a Sheppard. Despite the small size, hardly does any owner want his or her puppy to become a disobedient, aggressive biter. However, unless you are dealing with a severe behavior issue, training a puppy is not that hard and does not require too sophisticated skills and experience. In fact, it is an exciting journey both for you and your pooch. It will build credibility between you, let you both learn a lot about each other’s personalities, and, of course, save a great deal of money on the way.




Chihuahua might be one of the dogs whose owning costs seem pretty disproportional. Ir requires some particular attention and care, which often costs money. However, while deciding how much money you are ready to spend on your pet, it is best to set your priorities first, determine what exactly you expect from the Chihuahua and your life together. After all, an adopted Chi will grant you the same unconditional love and devotion as well as the one you bought!

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