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Chihuahua Beds and Houses

Every dog needs a warm, comfortable place they can doze off undisturbed. While a Chi loves its owner the most, every pup should have its own personal space where they feel safe and happy! Chihuahuas are especially fond of soft, snuggly beds and houses - and we have loads! Browse through our collection and choose a soft bed that your Chihuahua will love.

Chihuahua Beds | Cozy And Comfortable Beds For Chihuahuas and Other Small Dogs



Everyone deserves a good night's sleep and the comfortable bed we all crave to lounge around in. Chi's are definitely not exempt from this and shouldn't be. A good bed for your Chihuahua is always an essential part of every dog's life.

Chi's are also a very sensitive breed, so a comfortable, snuggly bed is a must to own. This is why getting a bed for your Chihuahua should be on the top of your priorities since it will make a world of difference in the long run.

A bed should be your Chihuahuas' safe haven and their little nook in the house. It should not only be there for sleeping at night but also in case they need comfort and if they get angry and don't want to look at their owners. Because let's be honest, Chi's are indeed our sassy little fur-babies.



What are the benefits of beds for Chihuahuas?



Whether you have owned a Chi before or not, an important thing that we need to mention before going further into details is that Chihuahuas love to burrow. If you are unfamiliar with the term, burrowing means that they love to make small dens for themselves or sleep in den-like places. That includes but is not limited to clothing heaps or some isolated corner of your home, which is why a comfortable bed for your Chihuahua should be your priority.

They need their designated spot where they can sleep, and your bed, while comfortable, may not be the best option for your Chi. Human beds are often not appropriate for small breeds such as Chi's because they don't support their weight. Remember that this breed is so tiny and light that bigger beds won't even register their weight. They have weaker bones and are prone to arthritis, which is why they should have a proper bed made for a Chihuahua and not just whatever you find lying around.

A good bed will also calm your Chi, allow them to comfort themselves when needed, and, of course, provide them the best sleeping arrangement where they will be whisked into a dream-heaven.

Having their bed and designated corner will also prevent potential injuries if someone accidentally steps on the puppy, not being aware that they were lying around the house. All of this being said, we will show you some of the examples of why it is pivotal for your Chi to own their own bed.


  • Provides them with their safe corner - A good bed for your Chihuahua will easily become their favorite spot in the house and allow them to have a safe space and a corner in which they can spend some peaceful time.
  • Personal space just for your Chi - A bed creates a "personal" area for your puppy that no one else can utilize.
  • Better support for their body - A quality bed is softer and offers more support for their tiny and sensitive bodies than the floor or any burrow could.
  • Sense of safety - Your Chi will feel safer on a bed made especially for them, instead of finding a corner in the house somewhere. It might be a good idea to place the bed in a spot that your Chi frequents all the time.
  • Relaxing spot for nibbling on treats - Chi's are true hedonists among the breeds and love to eat different foods and treats. Allow them their space to relax and eat their treats in peace when they want to.
  • Decoration of your home - Maybe not the most crucial factor, but the bed will most certainly bring a new and fresh decorative moment in any space you place it.



How to choose the right bed for your Chihuahua?



While there are many different options nowadays, choosing a bed for your Chihuahua shouldn't be taken lightly, even in the beds' department. It would be best to consider many different factors before picking out a bed for your Chi, regardless of their style, which can also be included in the choice but is not mandatory. A well-made bed can last you for a number of years (unless your Chi likes to tear and chew the furniture) and will not be easily ripped after numerous washes. This should be one of the most significant factors when choosing an appropriate Chihuahua bed. Unless you like to buy a new bed often, you should always check the materials and consult with the support team.


  • Size - We mentioned before that our beds are inadequate for such a tiny breed as Chihuahuas since they cannot support their bodies in a way it needs support. Larger mattresses do not register such small weight (6 pounds or less), which is why your Chi can develop arthritis sooner if they have the gene and get hurt if they sleep during the night with you. All of this being said, it is important to find the correct size and support for your Chihuahua bed. The bed needs to be small, but not too small, leaving space for your Chi to lounge and relax, all the while their bodies being well supported. Since Chis' are burrowers, as mentioned, it also might not be wrong to purchase a bed that looks like a den with a hood over it. Many options are available.
  • Materials - One of the most significant factors to be considered is definitely the material the bed is made out of. Beds can be comfortable even when made with lesser quality materials. However, they won't last, which is why you should always check the materials listed or ask the support if you are unsure. High-quality Chihuahua beds are made to offer your Chi optimal comfort and to last for longer periods of time. There are also different categories within the beds themselves, such as sniggle house types beds, donut beds, elevated or bolster beds. There are so many different categories that the perfect bed for your Chihuahua is just waiting to be found.
  • Style - The style can be very important and make your Chi love their bed even more. Dogs do not see the word in black and white. Although they are considered color blind, they do register colors. The color and style of the bed can play a significant role in whether your Chi would warm up to the idea of not sleeping in self-made burrows, on their owners' lap, furniture, or hard floors. However, there is also the factor of your interior design. If you want the Chihuahua bed to match your color palette, you can always opt for simpler designs and tamer colors. However, the bed should be something that represents your Chi and their personality, apart from all the other factors. So getting a neon pink bed might not be on par with your home decor, but it might make your Chi stand out that much more.



Top 10 Chihuahua beds



Chihuahua Empire Fluffy Bed is a perfect snuggle donut-shaped bed that will have your Chi sink into and lounge all day, not wanting to leave it at any time. The arrays of colors will be the perfect addition to any home, with many choices available to match any color palette of different homes.

Whether you love the UK or maybe not, you have to admit this fluffy stylish bed will make any space feel modernized and as though a breath of fresh air has been added. The Chihuahua British Style Cozy Bed will allow your Chi a full 360 view while keeping them as snug as a bug and content.

The elevated beds are made for Chis' who like to observe their surroundings and stay on top of every situation that is happening in their homes. Chihuahua Luxury Hammock will be a perfect bed for summer days and those Chis' who have difficulty climbing onto the furniture to snuggle with their owners. The simple style will fit into any interior easily.

Made for the real baddy on the block, this ''menacing'' Chihuahua Shark House will not only provide the needed protection your Chi needs but also help them if they have a burrowing problem. It is warm and soft and will offer the perfect snuggle corner for your feisty Chi.

My neighbor Totoro is definitely one of those movies you can watch a million times and never get bored with, even if you know it by heart. If it is one of your favorite movies, you might want to choose this adorable, Cozy And Comfortable Chihuahua House. It is not only a proper house for your Chihuahua, spacious and warm, but it is also incredibly made and should last your Chi a long time.

Made for the Queen herself, this Chihuahua Luxury Canopy Bed is extraordinary and not for the faint of heart. It will offer your Chi the maximum comfort pair with extravagance. Made from breathable materials and high-quality wool stuffing, it will not only provide your Chi with some fantastic sleep but also will be a center of attention in any home it adorns.

Perfect for burrowing Chis', even by the name, this Warm Chihuahua Cave Bed is so daring-looking that hardly anyone will be able to resist it. Its hood will keep any Chi that suffers from anxiety calm and happy when they retire, while the open space will allow them to have a good view of any potential guests.

Fan on the military? Say no more. The Camouflage Foldable Chihuahua Cave is perfect for any covert operations currently taking place inside your home. The cave is foldable, which will allow you to store it easily. This ''inconspicuous'' design will make your Chis' undercover status perfectly protected while looking absolutely adorable.

Made for a prince or princess who loves to be bathed in luxury, the Sweet Dreams Chihuahua Bed will be the perfect addition to any home that loves sophistication and simplicity. This high-quality, simple yet fabulous bed will make any Chi feel pristine. It looks as though it came out of the architectural digest for dogs, and we are positive it will make anyone who enters your home absolutely delighted.

We do not know what would look cuter, the bed, the Chi, or the Chi on their new bed? The Chihuahua Empire Cozy Cartoon Bed will not only help with your Chis' restless nights but also turn anyone who sees them into wanting their own Chihuahua bed for their pet. It is fluffy and soft and will allow your Chi to sink into their bed as soon as their gentle paws touch it.