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Every Chihuahua needs a harness! Unfortunately, our little buddies can get hurt when tugging on a leash, which is why a good harness is crucial, especially for puppies and stubborn Chis. Harnesses are great training tools, they offer better control over your dog, and make it impossible for the tiny Chihuahua to slip out of! Take a look at our large collection of Chihuahua harnesses.

Chihuahua Harness | Small Size Harnesses for Chihuahuas And Other Small Dogs

Once upon a time, harnesses were simple came in one or two colors, without much of a selection. Nowadays, that has changed completely.

All aspects of dog apparel have evolved so much that there are so many different options to choose from, not only in design but also in different kinds of harnesses made for your Chihuahua. From the simplest ones that don't cover much of your Chis' body to the ones covering your Chis' entire back and covered entirely in rhinestones or some fun patterns, the selection is truly an admirable one.



What are Harnesses?



Many people confuse harnesses with collars and don't exactly know what they are. They are not the most common pieces of apparel used, so looking at a harness from afar might be confusing to some. However, you have probably seen one up close and thought it looked cute. That being said, it is easier to mistake a harness for a collar if it is one of the more regular ones on smaller dogs, which is why we are here to further dive into this topic and explain everything.

So what is a harness? A harness is a piece of the dogs' apparel that can be strapped in or slipped onto your Chihuahua, and it either covers a larger portion of their torso or simply has straps going around the front legs and the torso and has a hook for the leash near the nape of their neck. It is safer than a collar of your Chi is not used to the leash life, and many advise even more comfortable, since the collar tugs only at the neck, while the harness tugs their body, which means it is more dispersed. Whether you prefer your Chi to be off the leash, i.e., you let them wander around on their own, this might not be the best option. Also, many countries have laws that forbid most dog owners from letting their dogs loose unless in a fenced-in area, such as a dog park or your own back yard.

This all being said, there are different types of harnesses for Chihuahuas that you might want to consider:


  • Back-clip Chihuahua harness is the most typical, easy to use, and is perfect for puppies. It attaches at the nape of your Chihuahuas neck, reducing the risk of throat injuries.
  • The Front-clip Chihuahua harness style gives you better control over your pet and puts a limit on pulling without inducing discomfort of any kind to your puppy. This clip is located under your Chihuahuas chin, on its chest.
  • The Dual-clip Chihuahua harness incorporates the ease of the back clip with the control of the front clip. They are usually more expensive than the others, but that is the only downside.


Harnesses should be paired with collars, if possible. This is to keep identification information on your dog, and it is essential. If your Chihuahua somehow slips out of the harness and gets lost, your puppy will be covered.



Are Harnesses God For Chihuahuas?



Yes, harnesses are definitely good for Chihuahuas! Many veterinarians consider harnesses a better choice for a sensitive yet feisty breed like a Chihuahua. Harnesses made specifically for smaller breeds and Chihuahuas are made in such a way to be comfortable but restricting enough for you to be able to teach them how to walk on a leash and are used for better control. We recommend that if your Chi is still small or just not used to a leash, start with a harness and go from there.



Benefits of a harness for your Chihuahua.



Many owners overlook the harness since it is not the most typical and widely seen option. You have probably noticed them online or at the pet store, but you never grabbed them for your Chi. This is why we wanted to provide you with some benefits a harness brings and hopefully change your mind on the topic.


  • Perfect for unruly Chis' - Harness is ideal for Chis' that do not know how to behave on a leash. If they are the kind that pulls and tugs when you walk them, the harness will provide you with a safe way to control them without them injuring their neck or throat. It is perfect because it is evenly dispersed instead of concentrating the pull on just one body part.
  • Prevents your Chihuahua from slipping out - One of the best advantages a harness has is that it is more secure than a collar. If you have a runner on your hands, who loves to go on independent adventures, then a harness is a perfect choice for you. Unlike the collar from which your Chi can slip out from because you don't want it so tight that your puppy would have difficulties breathing, the harness goes around their backside and loops over their front legs, making it nearly impossible to wiggle out from.
  • Can be a substitute for clothes - While you might not be aware, harnesses are also made so that they can serve as a vest. Those types of harnesses usually cover most of your Chis' upper body region and fit securely around them without being too obstructing. They have a tiny clasp where you can secure the leash, but other than that, it will look like your Chi is wearing regular clothes, and no one will be the wiser.
  • More comfortable - If your puppy is used to clothes but not walking on a leash, this would be the perfect option. It will be far less uncomfortable and will teach your Chi to behave. Your Chi will be cozy, and you will be able to keep them on a leash.



What Kind Of Harness Is Best For a Chihuahua?



With so many options nowadays, being overwhelmed is not a sin, far from it. Harnesses for Chihuahuas have advanced so much from the initial models that it is easy to get confused. This is why we are here to help you overcome any hardships you might face. Every Chihuahua is different in its own way, unique to put it simply. Because of this, the first thing you need to do is see which harness for your Chihuahua is adequate for your Chis' needs. Not every model will be suitable for every Chi. If your Chi tends to pull a lot and fuss when you put them in a harness, you might want to opt for the no-pull ones or the ones that will clasp in the front for better control. Not to mention, in the sea of the designs offered now, it is also important to pick one that suits the character of your Chi.



How To Choose The Right Size of a Harness for Your Chihuahua?



The size has to be just right for your Chi. It cannot be too big because that will allow the puppy to wiggle out and take off. The harness can't be too small either because it will bring discomfort and can even hurt your Chi. This is why you should measure them before choosing the correct size. Some harnesses can be adjusted slightly in size, while others cannot. This is why it is essential to find the right size. If you are unsure even after measuring, we recommend reaching out to our support for assistance.



How Do You Put a Harness On a Chihuahua?



There are simple ones that you can pull over their head and under their front paws, and you are done. Those harnesses usually do not have a clasp of any kind. For those with a clip, you would need to first pull their head through the harness, then their front feet, and after that, clasp the harness around your Chihuahuas torso.



Top 10 Harnesses for Chihuahuas



This fabulous harness was made for a prince or a princess. The Luxury Fur Harness (Leash Included) will make your Chi stand out for all the right reasons. The softest fur will make your Chi extra warm while wearing it, while the incredible bow with rhinestones will be the center of attention and will leave your Chi irresistible to anyone they pass by.

This adorable Plaid Chihuahua Harness (Leash Included) brings us back to our childhood. Perfect for any mom's or dad's baby boy or girl, it will make you all giddy on the inside just looking at it. It is soft and warm and will offer just the right amount of security without being too much.

Screaming for some hot summer days, the Soft Chihuahua Harness With A Leash will be the perfect addition to your Chis summer fashion and safety. With the adjustable size and sassy patterns, we are positive that your Chi will be in the center of attention at the beach.

Perfect for the puppies in training or some fun warmer days, this Chihuahua Breathable Mesh Harness will be a perfect choice. It is made from a high-quality material that won't feel uncomfortable in any way when you put it on your Chi, but it will provide you with the security you need.

A busy bee is buzzing around all day long. This adorable Bee Embroidered Chihuahua Harness is perfect for any Chi that likes to roam around and explore while you keep your keen eye on them at all times.

Is it a vest or a harness? It is a two-in-one with the Chihuahua Vest Harness. This little number is perfect for the colder days, springs, and autumns. It will provide your Chi with the warmth their little body needs while keeping them secure and near you at all times. The adorable plaid bow will definitely be glimpsed at as they strut around.

Ready for some next-level fashion selection? We won't keep you in the dark. This Chihuahua Monkey And Teddy Bear Backpack Harness is absolutely something you do not see quite often. While being a harness made from soft and sturdy materials, it also comes with a backpack where you can place your Chis' leash to keep it all in one place, and a snack or two to make sure after a long day of running around and being a good boy or a girl doesn't go unrewarded.

You might not remember the fashion of the early 2000s with flip-phones and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie being on every cover imaginable. Still, this Chihuahua Hooded Harness gives us those vibes, the incredible simplicity of striped hoodies in different colors. The only thing missing is the low-cut jeans and a phone in hand.

Whether you are a fan or not of some bling, you have to admit that this harness absolutely brings that extra kick to the table. The Chihuahua Harness With Diamonds will make your Chi look fabulous, but in that effortless, ''I woke up like this'' way.

Ever dreamed of traveling to Japan for their apple blossom festival, with the soft petals falling in the breeze? The Princess Chihuahua Harness will definitely make you dream of all the possibilities. The adorable harness is made from durable materials and has an incredible bow that is attached to the back won't leave anyone indifferent.