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Chihuahua Toys

Toys are very important to keep your Chi playful and active, but also to help soothe the pain if your pup is teething! Additionally, chew toys are a simple way to maintain a Chihuahua’s dental health, as our buddies tend to have dental issues. For all of the reasons above, getting a toy your Chi will love is absolutely crucial! Keep your pup happy and active with our collection of toys.

Chihuahua Toys | Toys for Chihuahuas and other small dog breeds



Many owners spend time and time again scratching their heads as to why their Chi is not interested in the toys they have purchased for their fur babies. Your dog might have dozens of different toys, but none of them hold their attention. It is not as easy as it seems.

With the current growth in the industry that caters to dogs, you can find a lot of very cheap toys being sold, but if your Chi doesn't like any of them and doesn't engage, then it is better if you hadn't bought any. Even the more expensive ones are not worth the price if they go unused.

Toys are an essential part of any dog's life, especially a Chi's. This is why we will go over all the necessary guides to help you pick just the perfect ones for your sassy friend.



What are the types of toys for Chihuahuas and their benefits?



There are plenty of benefits to owning toys for your Chihuahua, and each of them, depending on the kind of toy you are looking for, has pros and cons. With so many different options out there, we are positive that with a bit of guidance, you will be able to distinguish the ones suitable for your Chi and which ones aren't.

1) Teething & Chewing Toys - When teething, puppies need to have suitable toys, and the urge to chew on things doesn't go away with age and when they have a full set of grown-up teeth. Many Chi's, regardless of their age, enjoy chewing on things.

During the teething time, usually between 4 - 9 months, it is essential to have the best teething toys possible to not only ease your Chi's discomfort but also protect your home from destruction. Toys that do not offer a way to soothe the irritation and itch will result in your puppy chewing everything it can reach. This can cause a lot of damage to your home, and speaking from experience, it isn't as sweet as it may seem to some.

Here are some details you might want to pay attention to when picking up a chewing toy:


  • Textures - This is one crucial factor you must consider when deciding on a chewing toy for your Chi. Certain textures feel relaxing on the gums and help your Chi relieve the itch and irritation of growing teeth. The toy had to be the right consistency, usually made from rubber.
  • Cooling - Temperature is one of the factors you have to consider as well. Human babies enjoy frozen toys, and it helps them. Chihuahuas do as well. So if you can, choose a toy that can be frozen for extra itch relief.
  • Size - Being the smallest breed in the world might be very flattering and unique, but it also comes with challenges. When choosing a toy, the size matters because if your Chi can't comfortably chew it, it will abandon it after a short play.
  • Durability - Dogs are often attached to their favorite toy. So much so they might carry it wherever they go, as it will bring them comfort. This is why you should invest a bit more in a quality toy that will last your puppy a long time than some cheap toy that will fall apart after a couple of days.

2) Toys to Relieve Boredom - Often referred to as fundamental or 'basic' toys. However, if your Chi likes them, they are far from basic. Since our pups usually do not have much to do during the day besides eat, sleep, go for walks, they should have some sort of entertainment. Their toys are one of the few possessions that a Chi has. This is why it is important to choose the best one. These toys are essential and help your puppy feel bored and restless and fill their time.


  • It calls for attention - The toy you choose should definitely be something fun that will not go unnoticed. These toys can warry in color or make noise that will definitely call out to your Chi. Most cheap toys come in dull colors and don't have a flair of any kind. This is why you might want to consider spending a few extra bucks and making your puppy happy.
  •  It provides incentives - A toy should always be engaging. It should offer your puppy something. Whether it makes a noise, which most of the dogs adore, or has the option of placing a treat inside, or can move on its own, you can take your pick. The important thing is that it brings your Chihuahua happiness. If the toy has one of these additional fun aspects, it will be favored above others, and the puppy will cherish it all the more.
  • Quality - Quality and durability are some of the fundamental things to always consider. If your Chi absolutely adores a toy, brings it anywhere they go, sleeps with the toy, and is constantly using it, you should ensure adequate quality.

3) Comfort toys - This type is definitely a must-have for Chis. This sensitive breed can scare easily and might even be prone to attachment issues regarding its owner. Because of this, it is very important to know the purpose of buying the toys.


  • Puppies at night - Unless your puppy sleeps with you since the moment you bring him home, staying alone at night is rarely something they are used to since they would be spending time with their mom and the rest of the litter. This is why a soft toy is essential. Being alone at night, in the dark, will usually cause the puppy to whine and whimper, sometimes even throughout the entire night. While teaching your puppy to self-soothe, you might want to consider buying them a toy that will bring comfort and companionship when left alone. This will also help him be prepared if left alone during the day.
  • When home alone - Separation anxiety can be terrible for your Chi, which is more common than you can imagine. This is why having appropriate toys, ones that will soothe your Chi, would be the best option. Those toys are usually soft, and your puppy can lay with them and even snuggle up to them when the need arises, and they are scared.



What should you look for in a toy for your Chihuahua?



While it may be overwhelming, find a suitable toy for your Chi, the best thing you can do is listen to them. If they are a puppy and might be teething, then by far the best toys would be the ones that can be put into a fridge have different surfaces that can relieve the sensitive gum. If, however, you would like to keep your puppy entertained, maybe something that can be an interactive toy, whether it squeaks, can hold treats, or you can use to play tug-of-war with. At the end of the day, the choice should be yours, and we would recommend you look over what we discussed. Hopefully, it will help you decide.



Our customer's top picks for Chihuahua Toys.



This definitely isn't a regular toy and not one you would see often. The Chihuahua Stress Release Snuffle Mat is very multifunctional. It is also big enough in size that your Chi can roll around in it, look for treats or even pick at it. It is a 3 in 1 kind of toy and is far from basic or ordinary.

The adorable Chihuahua Cartoon Plush Toy is definitely not for a teething Chi. However, it can comfort those Chis who need to embrace a soft and precious toy that will keep them safe and cozy even through the heaviest of storms.

If you ever want your Chi to clean their teeth and take care of them without chomping a shoe or two, then the Tooth Cleaning Carrot Toy will be the perfect one for you. It is sturdy and will last your sassy little friend a long time, with the added sparkle to their chompers.

 Whether you like high-end brands or not, this Luxury Bone Chewing Toy is definitely warm and inviting, but at the same time, it is not for everyone. Plush and expensive-looking, it will definitely bring prestige to your Chi.

Have trouble with a teething puppy? Say no more. This Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy (Vet Approved) will be the perfect addition to your toy collection. Due to the material, which is high-quality rubber, can even be put into the fridge to cool off. It is also perfect for older Chis who like to have a fun way to entertain themselves and clean their tiny canines (teeth).

Yearning for summer all year long is not a crime. If your Chi is one of those puppies who love chilling on the beach with the ocean playing its music in the background, then this Lobster and Crab Squeaky Plush Toy will be the perfect one for them, but also for any Chi that likes to stay entertained at all times. The squeak toys are definitely favorites in the doggy world, and Chis are not indifferent to them either.

Heart Rope Toy is definitely in the precious category. The romantic design paired with sturdy materials will have your Chi chewing on it for hours. It is also romantic and can be a fantastic gift for Valentine's day or other special occasions.

If you are a fan of Lilo & Stich, you can rejoice. This Interactive Squeaky Toy will be the perfect addition to your home and the toy collection, with multiple options to play with. Whether your Chi likes to hear the sound or wants to play tug-of-war is up to you, but we guarantee it will be fun for the whole family.

Perfect for young or older Chis, this Chewing Drill Chihuahua Toy has the best of both worlds, with the rope that can be used by a teething Chi and the plush and soft upper drill part that will allow your Chi to either chew on it when feeling anxious or embrace it if in need of comfort.