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Finding a good costume for small dogs can be a nightmare, especially for the tiniest pups in the world - Chihuahuas! However, it’s not a problem anymore! Our collection of costumes is designed specifically with a Chihuahuas size in mind, resulting in a perfect fit for your Chi! Whether you are preparing your pup for Halloween, or just want your Chi to transform - let your imagination run wild and you’ll find the perfect Chihuahua costume!

Chihuahua Costumes | Small size Costumes that will make your Chihuahua a Halloween star!



Costumes have evolved over the ages, so much from creepy masks children used to wear in the early 1900s to the full-on head-to-toe costumes depicting the kids' favorite movie and cartoon characters.

The same goes for costumes for Chihuahuas. They became all the rage in the past decade, and we haven't looked back.

From simple accessories only costumes to full body fluffy ones, costumes for your Chihuahua have been more and more in trend.

This all being said, many stores carry the costumes for smaller dogs. Still, not all of them have vast options that specifically designed stores for Chihuahuas and smaller dogs have. This is why we want to draw your attention to our choices, from simple cotton overalls to fancy ones with bows and accessories that will melt even the coldest heart.



When should you dress your Chihuahua in a Costume? 



Honestly, this has always been a personal preference. However, there is no reason your Chi cannot flaunt their costume every day and look super snazzy.

You should let your Chi and yourself have fun with the costumes. There is definitely the adorable aspect of this, but it also helps with the shedding. We understand that there are the common types that many owners prefer when it comes to dressing up your Chi, such as shirts, hoodies, sweaters, or dresses. Still, you shouldn't just disregard the costumes.

Whether you are dressing up your Chi for a party or just for them to flaunt around the house, seeing them dressed in a tiny costume will definitely make your day and put a smile on your face.

Halloween is the perfect occasion to dress up your Chihuahua. The cute or funny costumes will make your Chi transform into the cutest prince or princess or the funniest toad. It will also allow the kids who come around trick-or-treating to have fun with your Chi, and we are positive they will love the fierce pirate looking to pick a bone with anyone who approaches their home.

Picking a Chihuahua costume might not always be as easy as it sounds since there are so many options. However, there is one for every Chi personality out there. Whether you want a ''terrifying'' shark costume that will make your blood run ''cold'' or something cute and fluffy like a raccoon, we have it all. They are easy to put on and off and will undoubtedly put a smile on spooky tiny humans, might even get your Chi a compliment or two.

If you want to try your hand at some DIYs and make a costume for your Chi yourself, make sure you are well versed in the art of sewing.

Halloween isn't the only time suitable to dress a Chihuahua up in a costume. Here are a few of the many other occasions to consider:

  • Dinner parties or get-togethers - What can be more fun than dressing up your Chi in a costume while surrounded by family and friends. It will be a perfect welcome and might even bring a smile to someone's face.
  • Masquerade party - Perfect time to let your Chi join the grown-ups and flaunt the dazzling costume. No one will be left indifferent.
  • Sunday Dress-up - Sometimes, it's just fun to dress your Chihuahua up in a costume for no reason at all. If you're sitting around the house bored, try dressing your puppy in a fun new costume. Doing so creates an invaluable bonding adventure for both of you.
  • Everyday wear - While the costumes may not be your everyday wear, they certainly can be. The simpler ones that are easy to put on can provide your Chi warmth while preventing so much shedding. Plus, they will look adorable.
  • Weddings and other grand occasions - What can be more precious than your puppy being a ringbearer or simply attending a wedding or some other occasion with you? Honestly, we doubt anything can. Dressed in an adorable tux, your Chi would even outshine the best man!



What should you look for size-wise when picking out the perfect costume for your Chihuahua?



The sizing for your Chihuahua costume choice should be as if you are buying regular clothes. Not too tight, but also not too loose. It should fit your Chis' body.

If you are unsure what your Chis' size is, you can measure them and use the chart we have on our website under each product. Once the size has been determined, you can select it under your chosen costume.

We always recommend choosing the bigger one if your pupper is between two sizes to ensure extra comfort and freedom.



These are our top picks for Chihuahua Costumes!



This charming blue fluffy costume will make your Chi look like he came from Outerspace, an adorable looking alien in his Chihuahua Cute Costume.

Perfect for Halloween, this spooky-looking Pumpkin Chihuahua Costume will make your Chi seem like the sweetest pumpkin on the block. They will also blend in with the decor, making it the perfect hiding spot to scare the occasional bypasser.

Every Pocahontas needs her Meeko, and this realistic-looking Raccoon Hooded Costume will make every girl go back to her childhood and enjoy some adventures with her Raccoon friend while singing the famous songs.

Ready for a new mission soldier? Yes? Then suit up. The Chihuahua FBI Suit will be the perfect addition for any Chi with the toughest kid on the block vibes while looking positively adorable.

This ''menacing'' looking Little Shark Halloween Costume is like watching your Chi step out from the set of Jaws. On the bright side, even though it may bring the look of terror to many, it is easy to put on, and your Chi will be warm and protected.