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Leashes and Leads

A Chihuahua shouldn’t spend a second outdoors without a leash, for its own safety. Unfortunately, as Chihuahuas get scared easily, they may run off and get lost, or, in the worst case, get snatched by a wild animal. As a result, it’s very important to keep your Chi safe with a good leash! There are no rules when it comes to leashes, as it boils down to the owner’s preference. Check out our collection of Chihuahua leashes & leads at various price points and you’re sure to find a perfect match.

Chihuahua Leashes and Leads



We like to call this a lifeline. Your Chi is directly connected to you and can never go outside your view. Chihuahua Leashes and Leads are among the most important pieces of apparel you can own, besides a harness and collar, because they will teach your Chi how to behave, depending on the kind you choose to be your best friend or your greatest enemy.

You may not be aware, but there are different leashes and leads out there. Even though they are practically the same thing, the terms are used by two types of owners. The term lead is usually used by people who are or believe are experts in everything dog-related. At the same time, Leash is the most common term used. We are here to give you a bit of an insight into the different kinds you can encounter and help you pick the best option for you and your Chi.



Do Chihuahuas need a leash?



While many Chihuahua owners might not think they need a leash, we would say that every dog needs one, even a tiny breed such as a Chihuahua. They are little and can be carried all the time and everywhere, but this will only hurt your Chi in the long run. They are very sensitive, but constant carrying around and the inability to walk on their own might cause their leg muscles to atrophy. With this being said, we strongly recommend that you take your Chi out for a walk around the neighborhood or the town to keep them in "shape." This is why you will need a leash to keep them close and monitor them. Chis' are also runners. They like to chase smaller animals and love to eat whatever they find outside. Keeping your Chi on a leash will help you prevent this.

The variety constantly grows, which is why it may be confusing. However, we are optimistic you will make the right choice with our pointers.

Leashes and leads are on par with the trends. This is why we wanted to provide you with the current options available on the market for this specific apparel. Types of Leash available in the market - Standard Leash, Retractable Leash, Adjustable Leash, Chain Leash, Slip Leash, Short Leash, Umbilical cord Leash.



What Should You Look For in Leashes and Leads for Chihuahuas?



With so many different options, you might get lost in adversity. Here are some pointers to help you if you are a first-time purchaser:

  • If you favor clean and non-messy kinds of items, then go for an odor-free and washable Leash.
  • Keep the durability factor in mind while buying a leash. If the Leash is not strong, the puppy might chew it up or break it while training. So always buy a strong one; otherwise, you will have to run to the shop every time the Leash breaks.
  • Do you want the Leash all time or only for the night? Choose a comfortable and light weighed leash if it's to be used the entire day.
  • Chihuahuas will be ecstatic with a lighter leash, while some bigger dogs will not. It is vital to choose the Leash based on the size and weight of your dog.

Our best leashes for Chihuahuas.

Being a fan of a little bling has never been so irresistible. This Chihuahua Luxury Retractable Leash will definitely be a fantastic conversation started on any walk and will undoubtedly make your Chi the center of attention. And we all know Chis' love that.

Multicolor Retractable Dog Leash will be the perfect addition for all those owners who are tired of plain retractable leashes. This collection is a fun and efficient way to bring a little bit of cheer into your walks. It is made from quality materials, and we are optimistic it will get a bit of summer into any walk.

The Colorful Chihuahua Leash is definitely one of any spring/ summer must-haves when it comes to Chihuahua apparel. It reminds us of the beautiful time when flowers are in full bloom. It is a genuinely girly-girl design and will bring that feminine touch to any clothing combination.

There are many kinds of Leashes out there. The umbilical cord ones are the least represented but very fun to have. This Chihuahua Colorful Rope Leash is a fun out-of-the-box Leash that won't leave anyone indifferent.

This sleek yet stylish Chihuahua Empire ''Bone'' Leash is for all of those Chis' who like to keep it simple yet bring that oomph to the table. It comes in various colors but can match any outfit you choose. It is not a boring choice, but it is not over-the-top either.

This neon number is definitely for those who like long walks at night. The reflective feature present throughout the Leash will help you keep an eye on your Chi, even if it is pitch black outside, thanks to the Chihuahua Empire Retractable Leash.