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If your Chi is already trained, then you should be on the lookout for a collar that speaks volumes about the dog’s personality! When it comes to collars, the only rule is that they shouldn’t be too tight. Once you’ve found the correct size, you can pick and choose from different colors, designs, and patterns to show off your Chi in the most stylish way possible!

Chihuahua Collars | Small Size Stylish and Funny Collars For Chihuahuas

Perfect for any occasion, any outfit choice, the essential yet fun aspect of every collar is to show off your Chis' personality in every way possible. We have to agree that collars might not be for every Chi out there, but those Chi's used to being walked on a leash and are true connoisseurs of behaving well. The fantastic thing about collars is that they can also be paired with a harness if your Chi is not yet used to or is trained to walk on a leash. The possibilities are truly endless, and you should definitely take advantage of the amazing pieces we have to offer.



Are Collars Good For Chihuahuas?



The question for the ages. Many would consider collars a bad thing, but in truth, it all depends on your Chi and their behavior. Chihuahua Collars are incredible apparel to have if your dog already knows how to behave on a leash. It is not unfamiliar to anyone who owns a Chi that they are very sensitive. Not only their bodies but also their minds. Due to this, you have to tread carefully. Train them properly. Socialize them well. A collar can be the very essence of your Chi and represent them and their personality beautifully. So, in short, while many believe that a collar may not be a good thing for a smaller dog, it is if you have trained your Chi to behave and walk on a leash.

There are many benefits to owning a collar for your Chihuahua. One of them, and the most obvious one, is that you can attach personal information to the collar if your Chi gets lost. They are runners. Spotting a cat, a squirrel, or some other animal can make them chase it, which is why a name and a phone number can be attached if someone finds your pup.

The collar is also recommended for aggressive dogs, as it gives the owner bigger control. If your Chi is on the more aggressive side, a collar will be a perfect way to train them, to keep them close to you, and when they feel threatened and ready to attack, you can pull them back and advise them to stay calm.



What Type of Collars do we have?



Our fantastic collection offers a wide variety of what are called flat collars. These are the most common collars, but there is nothing ordinary about them, in all sincerity, from simple ones that are light and made from a quality furniture fabric to the extravagant ones adorned with crystals and zirconium, made for queens and kings.

There is such a great choice option for you and your Chi that we are optimistic you will be able to find something that will match both your styles. Many bigger pet stores offer various collars, but our shop caters specifically to Chihuahuas and other small breeds, with fantastic quality and even better prices. Please take your time and browse through our shop. We are positive it will not leave you indifferent.



How to Choose a Right Collar for a Chihuahua?



With the current and constant innovation, don't think we will leave you with some plain-looking collars. Nowadays, there are many options that even the unlikeliest options may spark your interest. With all that being said, we want to help you choose just the perfect option for your Chi and show the entire world what a fashionista you have in your midst. Here are a couple of pointers to look out for:


  • The size - Many collars are made to fit the neck that has a size of 10-12 inches, so you'll need to measure your Chihuahua's neck before picking the correct size for your Chi. The dimensions are not all universal, so you should be able to find one for your puppy. We offer measuring charts under each collar if you are unsure, so please feel free to consult those.
  • The material - It is crucial that the collar is made out of is top-quality materials. Soft leather is always a great option, but so is polyester, furniture fabric, and cotton. Make sure you buy something that will last, even after many wears and washes. You may even find metal ones, but we recommend you avoid those. They can be harmful even to bigger dog breeds. While some consider them fantastic for training purposes and control your dog better, the sensitive Chis' can be seriously injured if they wear those.
  • Style - This is one of the crucial aspects of choosing the perfect collar for your Chihuahua. The style of the collar should correlate with your Chis' personality and magnify it. This collar of your choosing should not only represent your Chi but you as well. If you are polar opposites, maybe meet in the middle?



One crucial part of the collar-wearing process is how you put it on your Chi. If your puppy has never worn a collar before, you might want to start slow, making sure your Chi is relaxed because they might buck and get hurt in the process. However, if they are well versed, you should have no problem slipping it on. Make sure the collar sits just right around their neck, not too tight or too loose.

With all of this information, you should be ready to step into the world of collars and choose the perfect one. Maybe the ones we have listed below will catch your attention. If these are not to your liking, make sure to browse through our website.



Top 10 Collars for Chihuahuas



Made for the empress or an emperor of a faraway kingdom or might have been a part of the Romanov jewel collection, this stunning Chihuahua Luxury Crystal Collar is made to adorn someone's neck. It will most certainly be the talk of any company, party and won't leave anyone indifferent.

A little bit of punk never hurt anybody, and it definitely won't hurt your Chi with the Spiked Leather Chihuahua Collar. Made for the tough chick on the block, this dangerous-looking collar will definitely make a sweet Chi look positively ''menacing'' and adorable at the same time.

Made for a true gent of today's society, this gorgeous looking Plaid Bow Tie Chihuahua Collar will elevate your Chis' look no matter what they are wearing. It will go amazingly with a simple tee or a sweater. The dashing gentleman will make all the ladies swoon.

Chihuahua Flower Leather Collar looks like it has been made by Aphrodite herself, perfect for spring or summer times. It will make your Chi look absolutely adorable and ready for some cool fun in the sun and flowers.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and believe us, girlfriend, this collar will make your Chi look like they are ready for the next gala as soon as you put it on them. The Chihuahua Diamond Collar gives the feel of prestige and old-money rich vibes. It may not be made from Swarowski Crystals, but it will trick anyone, even if they take a closer look. It is made from high-quality leather and zirconium and made to look pristine.

This simple yet adorable Personalized Stylish Chihuahua Collar is perfect for those little rascals that love to skedaddle every chance they get. It will match any outfit, no matter how colorful, and will offer personal information in case your puppy runs away. But let's be honest, it will definitely not be the first or last time!

Made for any gothic lolita out there, the Chihuahua Lace Collar absolutely takes us back to the 2010s and the fashionable boom of gothic fashion that was brought to the front by prominent designers. It is so dainty and lovable that it won't go unnoticed.

Walks in the dark will never be more pleasant than with this Chihuahua LED Collar adorning your Chis' neck. It is perfect for night-time walks, and if you decide to let your Chi off the leash for some well-deserved game of fetch, they will be easy to spot.

Doesn't this remind you of the fun and amazing Hawaiian shirts? The Easy Buckling Personalized Chihuahua Collar absolutely gives off some serious surfer vibes. It is perfect for any weather you find yourself in, but it will definitely leave you longing for those fun summer days spent on the beach.

Do you have a romantic soul in your home? This Chihuahua Collar With Roses will be the perfect addition to any love-struck Chi that wishes to knock their crush off their feet. It will also look great if you include your puppy in a proposal, a wedding, or any other kind of celebration because it screams romance.