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Food and Water Bowls

It’s very important to have the right food and water bowls for your Chihuahua to use. A bowl that’s too large will affect your pup’s comfort (as they can’t reach the food/water), and may even cause weight gain - as the Chi can perceive the food to be smaller than it is. Additionally, Chihuahuas can be picky eaters, and a new, fancy bowl may just be the thing that wakes up your dog’s appetite!

Chihuahua Food And Water Bowls



Food and water are the most important any living creature needs. Chihuahuas are definitely no exception. Picking out food and water bowls might seem very easy to some and should not be chosen with a thought in mind. They are all the same anyway, right? That is far from the truth. Food and water bowls for your Chihuahua do have an essential factor in your fur-babies life and should not be taken lightly. This is why we want to give you some tips and tricks on picking just the perfect one and what the benefits or the correct one can bring to the table.



Benefits of Proper Food and Water Bowls for Your Chihuahua



While it may seem absolutely ridiculous for a food and water bowl for your Chi to have many benefits to them, there are quite a few. As a new owner, you might not know, but Chihuahuas are foodies. Even though they don't need much, they will vacuum everything in their path if given a chance, which can easily cause obesity quickly. Some dogs don't ingest enough water, while others consume too much and greedily, which can cause them to vomit and feel sick. This is why you shouldn't take lightly choosing the bowl for your Chi. And Here are some of the benefits that may serve you in the future.

  • The comfort of eating - Depending on the size of the bowl, it can impact how your Chi eats. If the bowl is too deep, your Chi might have difficulties reaching the food. On the other hand, a smaller bowl might bring discomfort if your puppy constantly hits its head against it.
  • The actual amount eaten - Many Chihuahuas love to eat, even junk that can be found outside, but there are those polar opposites who are very picky when it comes to their food. Sometimes, it might be better to choose a different bowl type. It will make a world of difference.
  • Amount of water ingested - From experience, not all dogs will drink from the same bowl type. Their hydration is the most important thing, especially during the scorching summers. This is why a water bowl should be attractive to your puppy and invite them to drink as much as they need.



What are the Best Materials to Choose for a Chihuahua Bowl?



Believe it or not, a material makes all the difference when choosing a bowl for your Chihuahua. The most common ones are plastic and metal, but when you add ceramic into the mix, now those are some choices. And those choices matter.

The plastic bowls are not as recommended as you would imagine because they can cause different issues when your Chihuahua is concerned. However, some bowls are made of plastic and can help your Chi, like the anti-choking bowl or the interactive bowls. This is why, even though we will lay out the most common issues present with a plastic bowl, do not feel like you should never buy them. Many dogs have eaten from plastic bowls for years, and nothing happened. This is based on research, but it is not set in stone.

  • Potential tear staining - While tear staining in your Chi can be caused by many different medically induced issues, it can also be caused by the bacteria in the plastic bowls. While you may clean your puppy's bowl every day, plastic bowls are more susceptible to wear and tear. Nicks from their sharp teeth can damage the bowl, and when they eat or drink, there can be a backsplash that would usually end up in their eyes.
  • Nose discoloration - This not-so-common appearance change can usually be caused by a genetic mutation or lack of melanin in that part of your Chihuahuas face. That being said, some studies found that nose discoloration can also be caused by drinking and eating out of a plastic bowl, but this is not so widespread.
  • Anti-choke and interactive bowls - As mentioned before, these bowls are perfect for Chihuahuas who like to eat everything in their way and can eat a lot more than they actually should. Also, the interactive bowls will allow your Chi's IQ to rise, as they are made for this specific purpose, to make your Chi think of how to get the treats.

Ceramic and metal bowls have been proven a better choice if your Chi is not a greedy eater and doesn't need a specific bowl, and here are some of the benefits of choosing these types of bowls.

  • Temperature - Stainless steel bowls are a fantastic addition to have, especially if you have a picky eater on your hands. This bowl will keep all the food warm and the water cold, even in the summer.
  • Sturdiness - Lighter bowls will still be easy to push around even with the non-slip ring on the bottom rims. However, the sturdy steel bowls and ceramic ones will be much harder to move around. Keep in mind that even plastic bowls have an advantage to them. If served very hot food, many dogs like to cool it off by shuffling the bowl around because, unlike humans, they cannot blow their food to cool down.
  • Durability - As we mentioned before, plastic bowls are more accessible to damage. The sharp teeth of your Chihuahua can bite into the bowl make cuts and indentations. This will not be the case with steel bowls and ceramic. They will last you for years if maintained properly.



The Difference Between Floor-Level and Raised Bowls for Your Chihuahua



Each Chi is unique, and while some like their bowls on the floor, some may not. However, it is easy to determine which type your Chi belongs to. Usually, Chis that like to eat out of their owners' hands are the ones that would prefer the raised bowls instead of the floor-level ones. But, this might not be true for all.

If you do not know which type of a bowl your Chi would prefer, you can prop it up on a box of some kind and see whether that makes any difference in your Chis behavior towards food. If you see they eat with more joy from a raised bowl than the floor one, you can get one. There are so many different kinds, metal, plastic or ceramic nowadays, that we are positive you will find something for your sassy little friend.



How to choose the right food or water bowl for your Chihuahua



Definitely not an easy feat after all the information we gave you, but do not stress too much. While it may seem overwhelming, you should just follow the steps we have provided you with. Different feeding bowls would fit each Chi. As with everything in life, it usually never is a one type fits all. This is why you should choose the one specific to the kind of Chi you have. A picky eater? A ceramic steel bowl might be the best. Greedy eater? A plastic anti-choke bowl would be the best in that case, and so forth. 

Now, when it comes to water bowls, you might want to concentrate more on whether your Chi prefers cold water to always be available over room temperature ones. That should allow you to make the right choice.



Best Selling Food and Water bowls for Chihuahuas



This very futuristic bowl set screams simplicity yet edge at the same time. The Angled Chihuahua Feeding Bowl is perfect for any Chi that loves the cool feel of a ceramic bowl while keeping their food hot for a longer time. It will definitely be an excellent and seamless addition to your sleek home.

The Food and Water Elevated Bowl absolutely oozes an unspoken elegance just by being looked at. It is simple yet sophisticated, with the golden frame holding the bowls. While it may seem very dainty, it is definitely not. Don't let the glass bowls fool you.

While the trends are constantly flowing further and further into extreme, the simplicity of this bowl brings us peace. The Elevated Ceramic Feeding Bowl is simple and elegant. It will blend into any home. And if your Chi prefers the elevated bowls, this one will definitely make all the food tastier just by looking at it.

Perfect for those Chi's that are greedy eaters, that love to pick up every piece of food in their way and gorge on the food you lay in front of them. Anti Choke Feeding Bowl will be the perfect addition to your home as it will force your Chi to eat slower and concentrate on the food, and the taste, rather than just slurping everything up.

This classic and rustic-looking bowl will be the centerpiece of your kitchen, all snuggled up against a wall. The Feeding Bowl With Wooden Stand comes in both steel and ceramic options, which will give you more room to choose the best one for your fur-baby. If your puppy likes to chew on wood, this may not be the best option. However, if you have a zealous Chi that enjoys just their food, this will be the perfect bowl for you.

This adorable Interactive Chihuahua IQ Trainer is perfect for any Chi's that like a bit of a challenge followed with a reward. It will keep your puppy's mind sharp and have them appreciate the effort they place to get their kibbles.

Fan of cartoons? Say no more. This playful yet sturdy Cartoon Stainless Steel Food Bowl will make each meal more fun. The bowl is as much for your Chi as it is for you. At the end of the day, what is important is that everyone is happy and full.

Chihuahua IQ Treat Trainer is similar to the interactive toys, but this one offers a bit of a special. Instead of kibbles, here you can place their treats. Allowing your Chi to entertain themselves for hours while doing mental exercises is the best of both worlds. It will teach your Chi patience and what a true reward can be.

This elegant yet minimalistic bowl is perfect for those owners who like the low-maintenance factor of owning bowls such as these. Classy Food Bowl is porcelain made and very easy to wash. At the same time, since it is not the most common material, it brings that extra prestige with it while priding the effortlessly chic look.

Slow Eating Food And Water Bowl are, as their name entails, a perfect bowl for Chi's who love to eat too fast and do not adequately chew their food. This type of bowl will assist your Chi in learning patience and proper control when it comes to consuming their food greedily.