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Chihuahua Accessories

No outfit is truly complete without an accessory, and it’s no different when it comes to Chihuahuas! A perfect accessory can elevate your Chi’s look and style while showing off the pup’s personality in a flashing way! From bandannas to caps and shoes - we have everything you need to accessorize your Chihuahua from top to bottom!

Chihuahua Accessories | Accessories For Chihuahuas And Other Small Dog Breeds



You can love them or hate them, but honestly, while some people perceive accessories as commodities, they can certainly be placed as a necessity. Of course, life is always more fabulous with few trinkets and bling, but there are those accessories for Chihuahuas that are certainly valuable to have, such as hats, boots, and backpacks, that have an essential role to play in your Chis' life.

While we understand that the accessories for Chihuahuas are not explicitly for all Chis', we also know that there are those who can benefit from owning some.

Chihuahua Accessories can complete an outfit, bring that oomph and tie everything together, which is why we recommend you take a peek at what we have to offer.



Are there any benefits of accessories for your Chihuahua?



It might not seem like it, but there are benefits involved in owning accessories and equipping your Chi with them. They might not all be for everyone, but since there are many options, we are positive you will find some that would work for your puppy the best. However, we wanted to give you insight into some of the benefits of owning any of the accessories we have to offer:

  • Protection against the sun - Yes, coming in strong at number one is the benefit of protecting your sassy little Chi from the sun. Unlike humans who can protect themselves with different SPFs, our lovely fur-babies do not have that option. We can help them by covering their bodies with light shirts, but for the rest, we need these accessories that seem unimportant. The hats can protect your Chi from getting a sunstroke which can heavily impact them. During the scorching summer days, the pavements are usually very hot. In some countries, they even melt. This is why lightweight boots can protect your Chi.
  • Protection against snow and ice - Boots and hats are once again one of the accessories with great benefits to your Chi. In the winter, during the snowy days, if you opt for some jackets and coats that do not have hoods or the hood is not pleasant for your Chi, and it makes them annoyed, a hat would be a perfect substitute. It will keep your Chis' head warm and dry and is easy to put on and off. As for the boots, those types of boots are made for winter. They can protect your Chi from slipping on ice like Bambi and prevent any cuts that can be caused.
  • Tying up the outfit - Many accessories such as bandanas, bibs, and backpacks can tie the entire outfit together. If you are missing something extra that you wish for your Chi to be adorned with, you can opt for an adorable backpack to place their treats or a bandana that will bring the cool aspect into any outfit.



What Type Of Accessory Will Fit My Chihuahua?



This is totally up to you and your Chi. There isn't a universal answer to this question, as much as we would like it to be everything for everyone.

Chis' are sensitive dogs. Their bodies are easily affected by outside elements such as wind, sun, snow, colder weather, and even hot weather. However, if your Chi is trained to wear clothes, shoes should be a welcomed addition to your wardrobe. Otherwise, you might want to start simpler, with bandanas and bibbs, then backpacks, until your Chi is used to wearing clothes, and you can broaden their accessory collection.



Our customers' top picks for Chihuauahua Accessories. 



Is your Chis' birthday coming up? Perfect! This Birthday Chihuahua Bib will be the ideal addition for any birthday boy or girl and protect them from being covered in their cake after the candles are blown out.

The adorable yet delicate Smiling Face Chihuahua Bib is perfect for any fragile prince or princess. It will most certainly bring out the precious aspects of any Chi to the surface.

Is your Dora the Explorer ready for another adventure? If the answer is yes, then this lovely Striped Chihuahua Backpack will be the perfect addition for all the essentials you must pack. It can be matched with a simple shirt or worn on top of a jacket, but it will elevate the look you had planned either way.

The Cute Chihuahua Winter Hat will not only warm your Chis' head and ears and protect them against the biting winter but also make them look like little plush toys while wearing this adorable accessory.

Made for the prince or princess of a faraway kingdom, this intricate Chihuahua Adjustable Lace Scarf will be enough for a look of its own. Made from the softest high-quality satin and paired with the lovely lace adorned with stunning embroidery, it will keep your Chi in the center of attention wherever they go.

 If you and your Chi like to experiment and mix and match the patterns, this next item on the list of our top picks will definitely leave you smiling. The Chihuahua Bow Tie Set (10pcs) is perfect for anyone who loves bringing pops of color to their outfits and mixing the patterns up. Whether your Chi is wearing a monochrome shirt or a patterned one, it will make a world of difference to any combination.

Winter fun and games have now been upgraded with this adorable Leather Winter Dog Boots set. The rubber set on the bottom will protect your Chi from hurting his paws and slipping around on the ice, while the leather will keep his feet dry. It is lined with the softest wool, which will keep the cold away. It is a perfect addition to any Chi's closet and will be re-warn many times.