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Boots And Shoes

If you think Chihuahua shoes are just another fashion accessory, you’re mistaken. Boots are a very important item in a Chi household. Our little furry friends get cold extremely easily, and a soft pair of doggie shoes allow your pup to enjoy the winter wonders with you. Most boots also have textured soles, preventing your pup from slipping and injuring itself. Our collection is full of high-quality, comfortable, and warm pairs of canine boots. Find the perfect pair for your Chi!

Chihuahua Paw Wear | Small Size Boots And Shoes For Chihuahuas



Boots can be a vital part of apparel for your Chi. Some people just find them ridiculous, but they are made to protect your puppy, not just as an accessory. There aren't that many people who would opt for purchasing paw-wear for their dog. However, we assure you there are many benefits to owning them, rather than disregarding them from the beginning. This being said, we will help you see why owning a pair or two of the Chihuahua boots or shoes can benefit you and not just be used as a fashion piece.



Benefits of Chihuahua Paw Wear.



While not many people assume there aren't any benefits to your Chi owning a pair of paw-wear, we are here to prove you wrong. It is not something that was invented recently. However, there haven't been many mentions of this particular accessory as it is not that common to put them on your dog. This is why we are here to provide you with some benefits that just might change your mind and have you opt for some of the models we have to offer.

  • Helps against potential injuries - Yes, the boots and shoes for your Chihuahua can help you prevent any cuts or splinters from being lodged into your puppy's feet, not to mention the pesky wall barley, which can not only cause pain but infection as well.
  • Thermal protection and protection against ice - Chihuahuas are sensitive, and while they can give you an immense amount of love, that love should be cherished, and your fur-baby should be protected. This is why the boots would be an incredible addition to your Chis' wardrobe during the cold winter days. They will provide them with warmth, and the slip-free soles of the shoes will ensure that your Chi walks with confidence even on the slipperiest of ice.
  • A barrier of protection against the elements - Shoes, and boots can also ensure that your Chi is protected against all the elements, not just ice and snow. It can also protect their tiny paws from scorching hot pavements or surfaces.



How To Choose the right boots or shoes for your Chihuahua?



The paw-wear you choose should be soft on the inside due to the Chis' delicate paws. They need to be comfortable and not restricting as this may cause discomfort. While this feat may be a bit difficult when choosing the shoes online, the materials should be listed, and based on that, you shouldn't have any difficulties making the right choice. The shoes or boots should be made from soft leather, vinyl, polyester to ensure the most comfort. The outside should be sturdy and durable. The paw-wear that will grace your Chi's feet shouldn't fall apart after a couple of wear, and what is most important, you should be able to wash them without them ending up scribbled.

The best way to know that the boots and shoes for your Chihuahua would be comfortable is by checking the lining. The ones suitable for winter should have some kind of wool to ensure your Chi is walking on tiny clouds with enough warmth and comfort.

The ones for warmer days should be lined with cotton or softer materials.

With all these insights, we hope you will be successful in finding the perfect pair for your sassy little friend. If you have any doubts, you can always consult with the charts available under every product or our support team.