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Are you looking for comfortable, yet fashionable dog wear that will elevate your Chi’s appearance? You’ll find what you seek in our collection of casual and formal Chihuahua vests! From current and trendy to classic and antique - our selection is made according to your personal preferences. Don’t wander around looking for the perfect outfit for your little munchkin - just browse through our vest collection and you’ll be sure to find the winner!

Chihuahua Vests | Vests for Chihuahuas and other small dogs



With so many options nowadays made for your Chi, from jackets, sweaters, raincoats, Chihuahua Vests might be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing there are. 

Made from different waterproof materials, usually lined with wool or cotton, they not only protect your Chi from the elements but also give them the freedom they need while being active. 

Vests for Chihuahuas are specifically made to keep them warm while providing them with enough freedom to their legs to play, move and walk without feeling restrictive. This would be the perfect addition to your Chis' wardrobe since it will also protect them from rain.



How to choose the right vest for your Chihuahua?



There really isn't one model to fit them all. With the innovations in human clothes, the clothes for Chihuahuas have also developed and still are.

Vests for your Chihuahua have now been made with different lengths, thicknesses, and even the way they are opened and closed.

Choosing the right vest for your Chihuahua may seem complicated, but it isn't. What you should pay attention to the most is the way you can put the vest on and off. Many vests come with buttons or zippers.


  • Zippers - If your Chi is on the unruly side and doesn't like to stand still, and is not patient while putting the clothes on, we recommend you go with the Chihuahua vest with a zipper. It is quicker and will take less time to put on.
  • Buttons - While the Chihuahua vests with buttons might take a little more time to put on and are recommended for Chis' used to the clothes and have the patience to sit still, these vests also bring a cute touch to them.



You should also consider which vest should be better for the climate you live in. Not all vests are the same, and some offer less protection than others. So, if you live in colder weather or somewhere in the mountains, you might want to opt for thicker, padded vests.



Can vests protect your Chihuahua from the winter?



It might seem like the vests cannot protect your Chi much from the winter and the cold. However, in reality, the thicker, padded vests can protect your puppy the same as a jacket, minus the sleeves.

The vests are fantastic if you want your Chihuahua to have more freedom while it moves. They do not constrict your puppy as much, and they tend to not wabble while they walk when wearing a vest, no matter how thick it is.



Chihuahua Vests size guide.



With every clothing item you purchase, you should always follow the size guide offered under the article. Luckily for you, if you are not clear what size your Chihuahua is, we also provide the chart showing you how to best measure your Chi to know their exact size. Whether your Chihuahua is small, medium, large or extra-large, you can find all the information under each vest that you choose.

We always recommend that you always go for the bigger one for more comfort if you are between two sizes.



Our customers' top picks for Chihuahua Vests.



Have you ever been to Chicago? No? They call it a Windy City for a reason. This adorable Reflective Windproof Chihuahua Vest is perfect for protecting your Chi even against the winds of Chicago and worse. Its reflective feature will allow you to better see them during the night walks and provide the warmth your Chi needs.

This Chihuahua Two-Sided Vest from our limited collection will not only keep your Chi warm but will also make them stand out in the sea of plain vest-wearing puppies. With the plaid details that are always trendy and the metallic options visible even in the biggest crowd, your Chi will definitely be in the center of attention.

Like to look expensive? Search no more. With the Chihuahua Empire Casual Winter Vest, the only thing that will be missing is a pearl necklace around your Chis' neck, and it will scream old money. This button-up vest will be a perfect addition to your winter collection with the fur-like detailing around the next and at the seams.

Made for the sporty Chi, this Chihuahua Waterproof Winter Vest is made for a skiing trip to some mountain lodge or even going sleighing on the nearby hill. It offers the warmth and dryness that every Chi needs during the colder days, and it looks fresh and modern at the same time.


This Chihuahua Baby Vest is simple and understated. It is easy to match with any clothing or an accessory while offering protection from the autumn and spring winds. It is made from a thinner material, which doesn't mean it will not protect your Chi. It will, but it is not suitable for harsh winter weather. It is light and soft, which will accommodate your Chi even more.