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Unlike sweaters and jackets, shirts aren’t generally used to keep a Chi warm, as they are made from lighter materials. As a result, the only thing you need to worry about when choosing a shirt for your Chi is the style! Dog fashion has come a long way, and we’re happy to offer Chihuahua shirts in a variety of colors and designs. Find the perfect shirt for your pup here!

Chihuahua Shirts | Small Size Shirts For Chihuahuas



Chihuahua shirts may not have some grand purpose to serve when it comes to warmth, but they can still protect your Chi. Shirts are usually made from cotton and polyester. They are light and airy, meaning that they will not make your Chi hyperventilate during the scorching summer days. However, they can protect your Chis' skin against the sun.

Definitely, one of the most popular pieces of clothing, the shirts for your Chihuahua are at the top of the market. Whether you are looking for something fun, simple, or business-casual, we have it all. A vast selection of Chihuahua Shirts is made from top-quality materials. Different motifs and colors will definitely make your Chi stand out during the hot weather. 



How to choose the right shirt for your Chihuahua?



Whether this is your first time shopping for a shirt or not, we would like to provide you with a couple of pointers to avoid any and all discomfort to your Chi. Picking out a small size Chihuahua shirt is not as complicated as it seems. However, you might be misled by the pictures and might not know which would be the perfect pick for your Chi. This is all fine and well. We understand entirely, especially if you had bad past experiences, like buying a shirt that didn't fit your Chi, or your puppy was annoyed with the material; it was not comfortable. This is why we are here to assist you in the best way we can.



What type of material is suitable for Chihuahua's sensitive skin?



It is widely known that our sassy little friends, adorable as they are, are also very sensitive. They have huge personalities, but their tiny bodies need extra attention from their loved ones. This is why choosing the right shirt is essential.

Chis' are known for being sensitive to skin allergies and even sunburns, which is why you should choose a shirt that would benefit your Chihuahua to have. Not just to flaunt the newest fashionable choice, you also need to consider whether the shirt is suitable for your Chis' skin condition if they have any.

Shirts for Chihuahuas made from cotton, cotton-wool blend, or even polyester ones would be the perfect choice for them. The shirt of your choosing should be comfortable, without too many zippers or badly sawn seems that can irritate your Chi. They should also be light and airy and shouldn't be skin tight without room to breathe.



Most popular types of Chihuahua Shirts



With the puppy fashion booming, we understand if you have difficulty choosing the right or any Chihuahua shirt out there. This is why we wanted to give you a little boost with some of the popular types of shirts that you can find on our website:

  • Plaid shirts - You can never go wrong with one of those. Your puppy will look dapper no matter the color or accessory attached.
  • Graphic shirts with some cool phrases on them - Most of us have one of these in our closet or had at some point in our lives. It's always fun to have, and they might even spark a conversation topic regarding the printed phrase.
  • Striped shirts - Don't they just scream summer? Sailor boys and girls walking right of the 60s magazine cover and ready to go to the beach paired with some snazzy sunglasses.



How to properly maintain a shirt for your Chihuahua?



Your Chis' shirt must also be washed and dried as with our own clothes. However, there are different ways that you can maintain that shirt, so it doesn't look run-down after a couple of wears.

All the shirts will have a proper washing manual on the tags since some are machine washable, while others that are more delicate are not.

We strongly advise that you wash your Chis' shirt after 8 - 10 wears since the dogs tend to go outside and spend time in nature and accumulate a lot of dirt which can cause skin rashes and allergies.

Also, one more thing to note is that the general suggestion is that the shirts with stickers be washed inside out. They will still be adequately cleaned, and the stickers will not get damaged in the process.



Detailed size guide for Chihuahua Shirts



You must follow the proper sizing guide with every clothing item you purchase. You want the shirt to be adequately fitted to your Chis' body, not too tight or too loose.

Luckily, we have charts under each of the shirts we have on offer alongside a carefully made photograph with details on which measures you need to take to know your Chis' proper size.

As always, we strongly recommend choosing the larger size for extra comfort if your puppy is between two sizes.



Our Customers top picks for Chihuahua Shirts.



Ready to dive into some shark-infested waters with a sword in their hand and to rid an island or two of their treasure, this menacing looking Little Pirate Summer Shirt will be the perfect choice for your Chi and bring an extra-rugged feel to them.

Cherry Printed Chihuahua Shirt is the perfect choice for our most delicate Chis'. So soft and sweet-looking, it can even attract the bees looking for some nectar.

Made for our homey Chis', this Plaid Bow Tie Chihuahua Shirt is the perfect girly addition to any closet. Perfect for apple picking in the nearby orchard or some jam-making adventures with mom or dad.

The Milk Chihuahua Shirt is perfect for the modern city fashionistas with a bit of a twist. Made from a little thicker cotton, it is ideal for breezy summer nights and some spring and autumn chillier days. Paired perfectly with some jean-wearing parents, it won't leave room for disapproval.

Ready for a Hula party down at the beach? We have you covered with this Hawaiian Summer Shirt. Perfect for warm summer days and nights, this breezy and light number will make your Chi the center of attention.

Overalls and vests made from jeans have had their comeback these past few years, and what an even more perfect opportunity than to match your Chi to your wardrobe with this Cute Chihuahua Summer T-shirt.

Made for the perfect, cozy summer days and nights with an ice-cold lemonade in hand, this Animal Printed Summer Shirt will allow your Chi to chill all-day reminisce of the ideal breezy summer at the beach.