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Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more adorable than a Chihuahua in pajamas! Pajamas keep your Chi cozy and comfortable while it’s getting its much-needed zzz’s. Not to mention how precious a Chihuahua is, snuggled up in its little pajamas! Unlike outdoor wear, pajamas should be very comfortable for your pup and allow it to move freely. Keep that in mind while you browse through our collection of Chi pajamas!

Chihuahua Pajamas | Pajamas for Chihuahuas and other small dogs

With the innovation and continuous design evolution, there is no surprise that the pajamas for your Chihuahua have been made to make your little sassy little friend as comfortable as they can be while drifting off to some dreamland.

As we are aware, whether it is your first time owning a Chi or not, they are sensitive creatures. They easily get cold, and their skin is sensitive as well. This is why the pajamas play a role in protecting your Chi from the cold and too much shedding.

Whether you are a fan of pajamas or do not wear them at all, they should be comfortable for your Chi, not too tight to allow movement, but also not too loose, which would stop them from getting enough heat.



The benefits of wearing dog pajamas for your Chihuahua.



While it may come as a surprise, the benefits of the pajama for your Chihuahua are an essential factor in choosing the correct one. Pajamas play a vital role in your pups' day-to-day life. They can even help improve their quality of indoor life, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of owning a Chihuahua pajama and help you understand their importance.


  • Reduced shedding - You are probably aware that Chis' tend to shed a lot. Whether they have a smooth or a long coat, there is no escaping the quantity of hair that will leave your Chis' body all year round. The pajamas will help reduce that. The protective layer over your Chis' fur will help stop the spread of hairs all over your house or apartment and keep the mess to a minimum.
  • Helping with anxiety - Yes, pajamas for your Chi can do that as well. Chihuahuas are prone to developing anxiety, whether related to separation or some other kind. The warm comfort the pajama would provide can mimic the feeling of being held by their owner and significantly reduce their stress.
  • Helping with skin conditions - We know how sensitive a Chihuahua can be. Their skin is one of the most sensitive parts of their body, and they are prone to allergies or some other type of ailment reflected on their skin that usually makes them uncomfortable as it is itchy or even painful. This is why a soft, thin pajama can help reduce inflammation and protect their skin.



Are pajamas for the night only?



Regarding this question, people may have different opinions. However, since there are many benefits to your Chihuahuas pajamas that do not ail them only throughout the night, we can confidently say that no, pajamas are not for the night only. They are also not for winter only.

Depending on the material, you can find a lot of different choices on our website, from thinner ones, perfect for breezy summer days, to thicker ones that will keep your Chi extra warm during freezing winter nights.



Size and material for Chihuahua pajamas - what you should look for?



A pajama for your Chi should always be comfortable. Usually made from cotton or a cotton blend, even wool, it is soft and warm enough that your Chi can wear it in summer or winter. However, be careful when choosing the right option. Depending on the weather conditions you live in, you might want to opt for thinner or thicker materials.

The size of the pajama for your Chihuahua should always be precise. It shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Your Chi should have enough room to breathe and be able to move, nothing too restrictive while keeping them warm and cozy.

If you are unsure of the size, you can always measure your Chi and compare it to the chart listed under each product. To find your Chis size properly, take the neck, back, and leg measurements correctly.

As always, if your Chi turns out to be between two sizes, we always recommend you pick the larger size for additional comfort.



Check out our best-selling Chihuahua Pajamas.



This adorable pajama is made for a princess of a faraway land. The Lightweight Chihuahua Pajama will keep your Chi warm during the breezy summer nights while adding protection during the day spent in the sun. The adorable bow that adorns the back of this PJ will make your little prince or princess stand out even more.

Ready for a slumber party? You will be with this Soft Chihuahua Fashion Pajama. Made from a cotton-wool blend, it is perfect for the chillier evenings. It is effortless to put on, mimicking the design of a shirt. It is ideal for those Chis who do not like to stay still while having their clothes put on.

The adorable design present in this Cartoon Chihuahua Pajama will make any Chi, regardless of their age, look like a puppy ready to conquer their greatest enemies haunting their perfect dreams.

Ready to brighten the gloomy autumn days? This Chihuahua Cozy Pajama is perfect for the rainy and cold autumn days and will bring a breath of fresh air into your home. We are positive they will want one for their puppy if you are expecting visitors, so make sure you show the PJs off.

The Summer Chihuahua Pajama is perfect for breezy summer days and nights, as its name entails. It is made from the softest cotton and will make your Chi warm in the evening and protected during the day from the dangerous rays of the sun that may be lurking around the house.

Is it a teddy bear? Noooo. It is a Chi dressed in this adorable Warm Chihuahua Star Pajama. The fluffy and warm exterior and interior will keep your Chi warm during the coldest nights of the year from ears to toes. With this little number, they won't leave any onlookers indifferent.