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Jackets and Coats

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. As a result, it’s important to be prepared for sudden rain, or snow with a jacket or a coat for your Chihuahua! Of course, Chis can also wear jackets to keep warm, especially in a very cold environment. While there’s a practical purpose for Chihuahua coats, that doesn’t mean your pup can’t be both practical AND stylish! Check out our collection and you’ll surely find a perfect jacket for your Chi!

Chihuahua Jackets, Coats, and Raincoats | Small Size Outwear for Chihuahuas



Being the mandatory clothing piece of any wardrobe, Chihuahua coats, jackets, and raincoats are a must-have for any Chi owner. Whether your Chi has short or long hair, they are still susceptible to temperature drops and even more so to winter weather.

They offer a layer of protection that is very valuable for your Chi, and it will not go unappreciated.

While the pet store chains and other larger stores offer clothes for your Chi, they are not as versatile as you would think. Often lacking in sizes and with fewer models, not to mention the prices that are probably higher than in specialized Chihuahua Clothing, we believe we have so much more to offer. Exceptional quality paired with reasonable prices.



What are the benefits of jackets and coats for your Chihuahua? 



A coat or a jacket for your Chihuahua is one of the pieces of clothing that you don't actually realize you need until you purchase one and put it to use. It is a vital part of any Chis' wardrobe and frequently used, especially as temperatures drop. They are a stylish and fun way for your Chihuahua to stay warm and comfortable during the winter temperatures. They are essential to protect your Chi from the elements that no other clothing item can usually offer. This is just one of the things a good coat or a jacket can offer, and we are here to show you some more:

  • Protection against really low temperatures: Chihuahua jackets and coats provide valuable protection against snow and freezing temperatures, while most offer protection against rain as well. As you are probably aware, the origin of our sassy little friends comes from sunny Mexico, where the temperatures, even in their wintertime, can be compared to most of the world's hotter springs. Due to their origin, they were not breaded to have thick fur and protection against low temperatures. If you live in a region that has colder temperatures, make sure you arm your Chi with a thick coat or jacket.


  • Protection against rain - Most of the coats and all raincoats have been designed with a waterproof outer layer that protects them against rain. It is a genuinely valuable piece of clothing to possess, especially if you live in a region with heavy rainfalls year-round.
  • Protection against shedding - Whether your Chi has a shorter or longer coat, they all shed. A coat or a jacket will bring the shedding to a minimum indoors. However, if your heating is set to high temperatures, it is better to opt for a shirt or a dress instead.
  • Protection against harmful bugs - You read that right. Jackets and coats for your Chihuahua can protect them against ticks, fleas, or any other pest out there. While your Chi might have protection in terms of a collar or frequent treatments, ticks and fleas are becoming more and more resistant to the repellents, which is why the jacket and coat can help them greatly and prevent anything from sticking to your Chi.
  • Protection against debris - We have mentioned this before. Still, it is a known fact that all dogs, Chis included, are susceptible to bringing in debris from the outside, whether, in the form of leaves, mud stuck to their fur or anything else they might find outside. Putting on a jacket or a coat will help reduce this significantly.
  • Protection against sunburns - While you might think the sun is not as hot or burns as much when the temperatures are lower, do not be fooled. Even humans can get sunburnt when skiing or walking outside during spring or autumn. If your Chi spends a lot of time outdoors, make sure you protect them.




Choosing the right jacket or a raincoat for your Chihuahua



Functionality is by far the primary factor you should consider when choosing the right coat, raincoat, or jacket for your Chihuahua. Of course, there is the stylistic aspect, and if you can pair the two, you are the winner of the main prize.

Different types of coats and jackets serve other purposes, and this is why you should always read the detailed description before purchasing anything from the website.

If you live in a region with a lot of rainfall and tend to have lower temperatures, you should choose a warm waterproof jacket or a raincoat and layer up. However, if snow is your trouble, then a padded winter jacket would be the best choice for you.



Are Chihuahua Coats made for winter only?



I believe we all know the answer to this question. The answer is most definitely not. As humans, Chis also do not need or wear coats only during winter.

Depending on the climate conditions you live in, you can choose the correct type of coat for your Chihuahua. There are many different options for different occasions.


  • Thinner coats and jackets - This type is perfect for milder climates with wind and rain. If you live somewhere where the temperatures are consistent and do not drop too much, a light coat, raincoat, or jacket will provide your Chi with the protection they need against the elements while providing them with enough warmth, so they do not feel cold.
  • Thicker coats and jackets - Perfect for snowy days and low temperatures, these thick, padded coats and jackets will not only provide your Chihuahua with the warmth they need but also protect them from getting soaked and shivering.
  • Extravagant coats and jackets - These types are usually not suitable for rain and are not waterproof. Still, they are adorned with pearls, bows, and accessories, which will make your Chi the talk of any party and keep them in the center of attention.



Detailed Size guide for Chihuahua Coats, Jackets, and Raincoats



The sizes are always displayed under each product and can help you determine which is the best fit for your Chi.

If you are unsure which size your puppy is currently at, you should measure them and compare them to the charts we offer on our website.

Be mindful of light raincoats and measures concerning them. They should not be tight on your Chi, but neither too big. Your puppy should be comfortable wearing the coat while being able to move.

We always recommend picking a bigger size if your Chihuahua is between the two sizes given.



Our customers' top pics for Chihuahua Outwear



Perfect for spring or summer showers, this light Chihuahua Reflective Waterproof Raincoat will provide your Chi with enough warmth and complete protection again the rain. Perfect for some puddle jumping and playing. It is even reflective, so there is no need to be scared of going out with your Chi in the evening. Just light your way, and they will be visible.

This striking number is perfect for the aspiring pilot Chi that likes to live dangerously. The Oakland Chihuahua Jacket is lined with the softest material, which will provide warmth to your Chi while protecting them from the wind and cold with the faux leather on the outside.

This Stylish Chihuahua Hooded Jacket is made for any casually dressed gentleman that wants to stay warm during colder times. Made from the softest cotton and wool, it will protect your Chi and provide them with the warmth they need on their body and ears during playdates in the park.

Anna Wintour? Maybe not, but very stylish and close to the real thing. The Chihuahua Hooded Coat is a perfect fall fashion addition to your Chis wardrobe. Worn by the likes of Duchess of Sussex, this number will make your Chi the most stylish puppy on the streets.

Whether you are a fan of street fashion or not, you have to admit this Chihuahua Waterproof Fashion Raincoat will give your Chi the modern and chill look that all is so in right now, all the while keeping them dry and warm.

Definitely, a show stopper, this majestic looking Luxury Chihuahua Winter Coat was made for an empress of a faraway kingdom. Lined on the inside as well as outside with faux fur, it will keep your Chihuahua extra warm during the low winter temperatures while strutting her newest style to the Michelin invite-only restaurant that just opened. The bow and rhinestones that adorn this coat will make your Chi the center of attention anywhere they go.

Made for the explorers of Chis, the Chihuahua Empire Waterproof Raincoat is not something you see every day. Offering complete protection of all the paws, the belly, and even the head, this raincoat will be perfect for the newest adventure you and your Chi are ready to embark on.