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Chihuahua Harness and Collars

The most important items in every dog owner’s home are a good harness and collar. This is especially true for Chihuahuas, which require specific harnesses and collars due to their size. Our collection is made with Chi’s comfort in mind. With a variety of colors, materials, and sizes available, you’ll find the perfect fit in no time.

Harnesses And Collars For Chihuahuas



Everyone has an opinion of their own in regards to this topic. However, while it might not be as crucial for larger dog breeds, picking the correct harness and collar for your Chihuahua will make a world of difference.

Your choice has to be directly correlated to your Chi and their behavior. Collars have more variety and can genuinely be one of the best accessories to adorn your Chis' neck. However, a harness can be the better choice if your Chi hasn't been properly trained to obey when placed on a leash. This is why we would like to give you some insights into the differences between the two options laid out in front of you and how to pick the best choice for your Chihuahua.



What is the difference between a harness and a collar?



Harness and collars for your Chihuahua are the essential things in your Chis' wardrobe to have. Jackets, sweaters, and the rest of the apparel are essential but not as crucial as harnesses and collars. This is because from the training period when you get your puppy to the grown-up stage unless you plan never to put your Chi down and carry them always and wherever you go, the leash will become your best friend. So here are some of the differences between the two, as an introduction to your choice:


  • Harness for Chihuahua - It comes in different sizes and thicknesses and covers the chest, shoulders, and upper back, dispersing pressure over a larger surface area. Harnesses offer much more security and are not easy for dogs to wiggle out from.
  • Collars for Chihuahua - In contrast, collars give you better control over your dog. If you are training your puppy, you might want to consider starting with a harness. The collars are perfect for more aggressive dogs or dogs already used to a leash. However, keep in mind that the collar goes only around the neck, unlike with a harness that wraps around your Chis' body. It is easier for a Chi to get loose and escape with a collar.



Should You Choose a Harness or a Collar for a Chihuahua?



This purely depends on whether your dog is trained or not. If you have never trained your puppy to walk on a leash and are having difficulties, a harness for your Chihuahua would be the best option. However, if your puppy is fully trained, knows commands, and doesn't pull, you can opt for a collar for your Chi. It is important to make the correct assessment.



Top picks for Chihuahua Harnesses.



Perfect for a gentle prince or princess in training, this soft, Stylish Chihuahua Harness with a Bell will make your Chi look adorable, and the bell will help you know wherever they are. Made from a breathable material, it is perfect for colder and warmer temperatures.

Who doesn't love a stylish-looking plaid? Looking like they just came from the newest Ralph Lauren ad campaign; your Chi will be in the center of attention during winter days wearing the Adjustable Chihuahua Harness With A Leash. It is lined with the softest wool, which will offer your Chi additional protection against the biting cold.

Get ready for a fancy party or two with this Elegant Harness With a Bow Tie (Leash Included). It will be the perfect conversation started at any gathering, and it will make your Chi look fabulous in a tartan, black and white, or checkered pattern, adorned with a bow underneath the name of their neck.

The Soft And Breathable Chihuahua Harness is soft and perfect for beginners. It is the ultimate training harness, and it will leave your Chi feeling as comfortable as they can be while wearing it. This harness is perfect for puppies or older dogs getting accustomed to the leash life.

Perfect for scorching summers, this Chihuahua Flower Harness is thin and perfect for any Chi who wears a harness over their body. It is made from a resistant and sturdy material, meaning it will last your pup a long time while keeping them secured at all times.



Top picks for Chihuahua Collars.



This practical yet simple collar will not only make your Chis' presence known with the bell but will also allow anyone to contact you immediately if your Chi gets lost. The Chihuahua Empire Personalized Collar is perfect for any owner that loves a simple leather collar with a bit of bling.

This adorable punk-rock-looking collar will make your Chi look like a true Avril Lavigne fan, with the little heart bringing cuteness into the frame. Made from sturdy but soft leather with a snake-like pattern, the Heart Chihuahua Collar will make any Chi the center of attention. We recommend pairing it with a tutu skirt and some graphic T.

The Plaid Collar With A Bell is perfect for bringing a little bit of fun into your and your Chis' life. Coming in a range of lively colors, this collar will make any outfit vibrant.

Made for a true prince or princess, adorned with glitter and a heart with zirconium, this fabulous necklace collar will be admired from afar and up close. The Glitter Heart Chihuahua Collar will be a fun topic in any situation and will make your Chi glow.

Whether you like rhinestones or not, you have to admit; this Chihuahua Shiny Rhinestone Collar will make any Chis' outfit combination elevated and fun. It is not too much in your face but adds a little bit of bling to a simple outfit. This collar will definitely not be overlooked in any situation.