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Chihuahua Clothes

While any dog looks absolutely adorable in clothes, Chihuahuas take it to a whole different level! Apart from the cuteness factor, Chis actually benefit from dog clothes, as it keeps them warm when it’s cold outside. Whether you want to keep your pup snug and comfortable, or you just want to show your stylish Chi off, you came to the right place! From hoodies, shirts, or sweaters to costumes and accessories - we have all!


Chihuahua Clothes | Small Size Clothes for Chihuahuas and other small dog breeds

While many options cater to smaller breeds and larger ones, small sized clothes for Chihuahuas are definitely our favorite. From dresses to accessories, there is a wide range of clothing items available not just for your puppy but also for yourself as well.  

With the vast high-quality small size clothes for your Chihuahua, we are positive you will find something suited for your fur-baby whether you live in the warmer climate or colder. 

While being made to look positively adorable, the clothes you choose should serve a purpose. Whether to protect them against the environment or to keep them comfortable while at home, you should always strive to accommodate your Chihuahua to the best of your abilities. 

Clothes for Chihuahuas: Why are they so important?



There are multiple benefits to your Chihuahua owning clothes. They are not simply a fashion statement or an accessory but also carry an important role, as mentioned before. Chihuahuas are a very gentle breed. They can get cold or too hot very easily. Their tiny bodies are susceptible to temperature changes and need protection, which is why the clothes for Chihuahuas are an essential part of their life. Their small size, thin coat, and skin are no match for the cold weather. They lose body heat easily, so they shiver or shake. Wearing clothes will help them stay warm. At the same time, due to their sensitive skin, they can also get sunburnt or, worse, have a heatstroke. Clothes for your Chihuahua also protect them against skin allergies.

Due to their sensitivity, Chihuahua needs to stay dry and warm. Sweaters, jackets, hoodies, shirts, and the rest of the clothing for your Chihuahua are there not just to turn your puppy into a true fashionista but also to help them in their day-to-day life. This is why you should not just think of the clothes you buy for your Chi as a commodity but also as a necessity. 

Should Chihuahuas wear clothes?



Definitely! Chihuahuas are a sensitive and tiny breed of dog. Whether they are short-haired or long-haired ones, the clothes they have on their back shouldn't just be bought to show your puppy off, even though they do like the extra attention most of the time.


What size of clothes do Chihuahuas wear?


There isn't a one-size-fits-all, whether you have a Chi or some other tiny dog breed. The clothes have to fit your puppy well, not too big, but neither too small. They should be comfortable and able to move freely in their small clothes. This is why you need to measure your Chihuahua before purchasing anything. Here is the chart that can help you with the sizes: 

  • SIZE         Weight (Pounds)    Chest Girth (Inch | CM)
  • Small              2.5-3.5             12-14 inch | 30 - 35 cm
  • Medium            4-6                13-15 inch | 33 - 38 cm
  • Large                 7-8                15-17 inch | 38 - 43 cm
  • X-Large             9-12              16-18 inch | 40 - 46 cm

If your Chihuahua is between two sizes, we recommend you go for the bigger size. Especially if you are buying Chihuahua clothes for a puppy, they grow up extremely fast, and what fit them a week or two ago won't necessarily fit them now.


Material and maintenance of your Chihuahua clothes.



After all of this talk about clothing, it would only be natural to touch base with a bit of instruction and details. 

Clothes are an essential part of your Chi’s life and that being said, we wanted to go into the maintenance of the clothing. Depending on the material from which the item has been made, there will be different options for washing the clothes. From cotton, wool, polyester, plush, tule, and many more, clothes are made from the finest materials. 

Under almost every product, whether it is listed below or some other of your choosing, there is usually an instruction on how to properly maintain it so that it doesn’t wear and tear over a short period of time. Some clothes are machine washable, while others aren’t. 

On each shirt, hoodie, even jacket there are also instructions. We do recommend you read it before washing. 

Our top picks from each collection!



Whether you are looking to protect your Chi from the cold or want to show them off in their stylish clothes, we would definitely recommend this Dog Face Fashion Hoodie made from the softest cotton or this adorable Chihuahua Casual Sweater made from wool. These stylish yet warm pieces will have your Chi ready to conquer colder weather days. 

Always ready for summer, these pieces will serve as the perfect protection while keeping your puppy looking fabulous. 

This Summer Chihuahua Pajama will keep your Chi warm and snuggly during the breezy summer nights. 

And suppose you get bored indoors and decide to venture outside on a scorching day full of sun. In that case, this Chihuahua Empire Cartoon Shirt Collection will ensure your Chihuahua is well protected against any sunburns that may occur. 

Being the cutest princess of a faraway kingdom should not be ignored. Instead, we have a perfect wardrobe option for our lovelies with the Gorgeous Chihuahua Summer Dress made from first-grade quality cotton. It won't leave even the sternest onlookers indifferent. 

For keeping your Chihuahuas fur dry in case of rain, we advise you to check this Chihuahua Waterproof Fashion Raincoat. While keeping up with the theme, we also have this fabulous USA Chihuahua Hoodie for those USA lovers, which will keep your puppy warm and comfortable during the short Autumn days. 

For those cold weather conditions that cause many problems to Chis, you can protect your baby's coat by providing them with this Everyday Chihuahua Winter Jacket

During the transitioning weather into Spring or Autumn, this incredible Smiley Chihuahua Vest will be the perfect protection against the wind, all the while keeping your Chi looking adorable in any of the tree shades you choose. 

Don't know what to do for a Halloween costume? We got you covered. The adorable, fluffy Racoon Hooded Costume will make people look twice to double-check whether it is indeed a dog or a Racoon. 

If you are looking for every day, the cutest-looking sweatshirt, look no further. This Duck Printed Chihuahua Sweatshirt is the perfect combination of casual and precious, giving your Chi the warmth they need. 

Whether you are simply going for a walk on the town or hitting a gym, this stylish yet airy Chihuahua Star Sleeveless Hoodie will make your Chi be the center of attention.