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Chihuahua Blog

Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head Chihuahua - Ultimate Guide To Deer Head Chihuahuas

Excellent for people who love small dogs with big dog energy, the Deer Head Chihuahua will be the perfect fit. They are feisty, although much less ...
Apple Head Chihuahua

Apple Head Chihuahua - Ultimate Guide To Apple Head Chihuahuas

Whether you have owned a Chihuahua before or not, it is important to know the different kinds of Chihuahuas that exist in the world. Like most dog ...
Do Chihuahuas Smell

Do Chihuahuas Smell?

Like humans, dogs, too, have their unique smell. When we mention a smell, it is usually tied to a negative thing, an odor of sorts. However, Chihua...
How To Keep A Chihuahua Warm During Winter

How to Take Care of Your Chihuahua During the Winter?

Winter is right around the corner, and your dog needs special care. Due to their size, Chihuahuas are especially difficult – they tend to struggle ...
Do Chihuahuas Run Away

Do Chihuahuas Run Away? How to Stop a Chihuahua From Running Away From You.

A pet runaway is an ultimate nightmare for any owner. Not only is it fairly frustrating and makes you question your training and leadership abiliti...
Chihuahua Eating Poop Chihuahua Coprophagia

Chihuahua Coprophagia - Why Does My Chihuahua Eats Poop?

Most dog owners have to face this yucky situation from time to time. Their adorable pup starts to pick up other animals` feces in the street or tre...
Rare Chihuahua Colors

Rare Chihuahua Colors - These Are The 5 Rarest!

Chihuahuas is one of the most diverse dog breeds. Studying their genetics, experts found truly colorful heredity in their blood, from ancient Asian...
Adopting A Chihuahua From A Shelter

Is it a good idea to adopt a Chihuahua? Things you should know before adopting a Chi.

Chihuahuas are trendy dogs. Celebrities` pets, devoted partners, joyful playmates for children and grownups – those are Chihuahuas, and those are t...
Ear Infection In Chihuahuas

Ear Infections In Chihuahuas - Prevention and Treatment

Chihuahuas are truly unique dogs. Not only is it the most diverse breed in the world, but despite their seemingly fragile physiology, most types of...
Why Chihuahuas Bark So Much

Why Chihuahuas Bark so Much? Reasons for Excessive Barking in Chihuahuas and how to stop it.

Dogs bark. It is the first thing we learn about them, and it is one of the things that determines them as “personalities.” Although just like all a...
My Chihuahua Is Shedding What Should I Do

My Chihuahua is Shedding! What Should I Do?

The day those tiny Chihuahua paws make their first steps into your life might be one of the happiest. However, just like any other furry family mem...
How To Get My Chihuahua To Lose Some Weight

How to get my Chihuahua to lose some weight? A comprehensive weight loss plan for your Chihuahua!

Like humans, obesity among Chihuahuas leads to numerous health complications and a significant reduction in life expectancy. In other words, by neg...