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Why do You Need to Meet Your Chihuahuas Mom Before You Buy it?

Why do You Need to Meet Your Chihuahuas Mom Before You Buy it?


Among dog purchasers, this general question might seem unnecessary; however, it is pivotal. You may think to yourself, why is it essential to meet your Chihuahuas mom before you buy it? It might not seem like a big deal, but wouldn't you want to meet your in-laws before making a lifelong commitment?

The reason this is recommended is that dogs do have different personalities. In their case, many of those personalities are hereditary, meaning they are passed down from parents to the puppy. However, the first few weeks of the puppies' lives are crucial in their development, which is strongly affected by how their mom behaves.


 Chihuahua Mom Chihuahua Puppy


If you ask to see your Chihuahuas puppies' mom, you will see how the mother behaves toward her puppies and how she interacts with them, which will help you know your puppy's personality.



How Important is it to meet your puppy's mom?


The puppy's mother is a massive indicator of what your puppy has the potential to grow up to be. If the mom is kind and good in nature, your puppy has a solid chance to be the same good-natured dog as his mom because they learn very much from their mother in those first few weeks. It is crucial to meet your Chihuahuas mom because of these reasons.



Is the puppy's mother friendly on her own?


You should ask to meet the mom on her own, without the puppies present. This will allow you to determine her nature when her litter does not surround her because some dogs can be overprotective of their pups.


Chihuahua Puppies

Things you should look for are:


  • Is the mom excited to be carried, petted by you, or engaged in playing a game with you after a first greeting? 
  • Does she walk away and ignore you? Or perhaps, lingers in a corner and barks? 


A dog with a limited social response to humans usually won't tolerate handling. Suppose the dog is interacting in a tender, considerate way with the breeder or a foster but not you. In that case, that's okay, as long as the dog isn't actively evading you or exhibiting apparent indications of aggression, such as growling or barking.

If the mom is aggressive towards you, there is a high chance that the puppies might be as well when they grow up. While this might not be 100% certain, you should still consider it.

One more thing to note is that while moms raise the puppies, the dads also carry specific genes. You might want to ask the owners whether the aggression is also presented with the dad because research has shown that the aggression gene can be passed on to the puppy.



What should you pay attention to when meeting the mom?


So the breeder has been chosen and researched thoroughly. Now you are ready to meet your forever puppy and take them home. You will need to know as much about your new puppy's upbringing as possible, and when buying from a breeder, that would include meeting your Chihuahuas mom in person.


 Chihuahua Puppy Chihuahua Mom


Choosing the perfect puppy for you might be a lengthy process; however, considering you have 8 to 12 weeks before the puppy is ready to be brought home, that leaves you with plenty of time to visit the breeder and spend time with the littler and the parents. Here are some of the things you might want to pay attention to:

  • Moms' behavior around the puppies - Pay attention to mom's interaction with the puppies, is she annoyed, snapping at her puppies, or caring towards them. This will help you determine how their first few weeks went, whether they had to be bottle-fed, if the mom was aggressive or if she cared for them and was gentle. The mom's traits towards her puppies will also show whether the puppy can develop aggressive tendencies or be mild and calm in the future.

  • Check the moms' health - While this might not cause severe health issues or any issues with the puppy, it is never wrong to check if the moms' health is good. To name some, Chihuahuas are prone to Arthritis, Hypoglycemia, Eye Issues, which do not present themselves in every puppy. However, these are hereditary health issues. If you do not know how to recognize any of the conditions on your own, please consult with a vet before venturing into this.


  • Conditions at the breeders - One of the essential things is the conditions the puppies are being raised in. Many breeders have puppy-raising areas. How sanitary are these areas? Check if there are any other dogs there; are they healthy and happy? What kind of diet are these puppies and their mother getting, and whether there is clean water for them? Polluted environments, crates stacked up on top of each other will draw rodents and infection.



Maternal behavior in Chihuahua moms why it is crucial.


While this might not be something you have surfaced in your search, it is one of the most important factors when it comes to the general behavior of your puppy as it grows up. When it comes to Chihuahuas, maternal care impacts individuals' development in more ways than one.

The extent of the connection between the mom and the puppy interjects physiological, cognitive, and behavioral puppy growth. The motherly behavior researched on moms towards the puppies includes contact, nursing, licking, play, discipline, thermoregulation, and movement.


 Mental Behavior In Chihuahua Mom


Dogs need to be taken care of by their mom, as they are not born fully developed. This is why the bond between a Chihuahua mom and her puppy can take days or even weeks to form. Nonetheless, nest building, licking, nursing, and puppy upbringing are present in most cases. This bond is something you should always pay attention to when choosing your puppy.



Why is the mom not with her puppies?


If you go to the breeder and ask to see the mom, and the breeder starts avoiding your questions or simply refuses to bring the mom out, this might mean that these puppies are on a puppy farm as it is most commonly known. A puppy farm is where many dogs are constantly bred and the puppies sold. In these cases, inbreeding might have occurred, leading to many health complications and behavioral problems. If you suspect this, we do recommend not to purchase your Chihuahua puppy from such a place.

Sad occurrences do happen, and unfortunately, Chihuahuas are not exempt from such misfortunes. Sometimes, the mom dies. It is scarce, but if the owners are not careful, it can happen. In these cases, the puppies would be brought up either by a substitute mom or the owners themselves. If you opt to buy a puppy, ask about the moms' nature and health history, and if a substitute mom is there, see how she behaves.


 Chihuahua Puppy With Mom


Another significant factor is that the mom might be aggressive towards her puppies. This is not that common, but it happens when the mom rejects the litter and turns on her puppies.

This might occur because she feels ill herself, or because a puppy seems too weak to be deserving of her care, or solely because of a lack of maternal instinct. Such behavior may emerge from the second she has given birth or a few days or weeks later.

If this is the case, the puppies might not receive the care they need, the pivotal maternal care that every mammal, not just a dog, needs and craves from the moment they are born. While this might not harm the puppies, it can undoubtedly decide who they will become as they grow older.



The importance of pedigree.


While pedigree is essential for many different reasons, speaking from a personal experience, it is also important for the health of your puppy and the health of the mom. It might not seem as much, but checking the names on the pedigree list, the mom and dad, grandparents, even great-great parents is crucial because it might cause health problems if the relationships overlap. This has been proven by veterinarians worldwide as a common reason for puppies to develop health issues.

In many respectable breeders, you can even meet the grandparents, which is very important. While the traits can be transferred from parents, some characteristics were perhaps not inherited but present in the grandparents. As with humans, genes can skip a generation. This is why we would recommend, if the opportunity presents itself, to meet the whole family.





It is essential to meet the mom, as we have explained in this article. The reason behind all of this is that it can impact the puppy in more ways than one, from behavior to health to progress in life. A Chihuahuas mom is the pillar of her litter. She is the protector, the provider, the role model, and everything in-between. She will shape your puppy to be the dream that you have always wanted to realize. While upbringing is vital, don't forget about the genetic factor as well. Choose carefully and do your research before taking your baby home.

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