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Why Do People Like Chihuahuas?

Why Do People Like Chihuahuas?

Whether you’re about to get your first Chihuahua or you’ve had one for years, you know that they’re special dogs. Although there are some people who don’t like the Chihuahua breed, there are lots of reasons why people have loved them for centuries.


Below is a list of 14 reasons why people like Chihuahuas so much. Before you start reading, sit back in your favorite chair, pour a cup of coffee, and the journey can begin!


Chihuahuas stay small.


Chihuahuas are popular because they stay small. Most Chihuahuas are only two to seven pounds when fully grown. Although they can be mixed with other breeds to be smaller or larger, they will almost always be smaller than other dog breeds.


Because Chihuahuas are “fun-sized,” they’re great for individuals living in small living spaces like apartments, condos, or retirement homes. Since they’re so small, they don’t need as much space as a larger breed.

 Chihuahuas Stay Small Chihuahua Empire Blog

Their small size also makes them great travel companions. If they’re trained early on and with consistency, they can be exceptionally well-behaved in public. Beyond being a pet, their portability makes them great buddies for all of your traveling adventures.


Chihuahuas have long lifespans.


Small dog breeds typically live longer than larger breeds, and Chihuahuas are no exception to the rule. In fact, Chihuahuas typically have a longer lifespan than most other breeds.


An average Chihuahua lives between 13 and 15 years. This leaves you with many years to develop your bond with your dog.


Their background and history are interesting.


No one knows the exact origins of the Chihuahua, leaving their beginnings a mystery. We do know that they were named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.


They are probably a cross between the Techichi (which is now extinct) and some hairless dog breed from Asia. It is believed that this Asian dog breed came to Alaska through the land bridge from Russia. Eventually, that breed made its way to southern North America and created what we now recognize as the Chihuahua.


Although the exact origins are unknown, there is evidence of Chihuahuas in the area dating back to 300 BC. The mystery and intrigue surrounding this breed have led to many pop culture speculations about Chihuahuas. The popular Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie series touches on the breed’s mysterious origins.


They love dressing up.


Chihuahua Dressed Up Chihuahua Empire Blog

A lot of dogs don't like to be clothed. However, in colder weather especially, your Chihuahua will enjoy having clothes on to keep warm. With so many clothing options available, you can dress your little pooch in just about any way you want!


They love (and demand) your attention.


These small dogs have a big personality. With such a big personality, they love and often demand to be the center of attention.

 Why Do People Like Chihuahuas

A dog that loves the attention of his or her pet parent is great for individuals who really want to invest in their pet’s life. Unlike other pets that can be independent or even aloof, the Chihuahua needs attention. This makes Chihuahuas great for individuals who want to interact regularly with their pet.


They think they’re big dogs.


Chihuahuas don’t just have big personalities. They actually think they’re bigger dogs than they actually are.


Sometimes this can get your Chihuahua into trouble. They may take on bigger dogs, predators, or humans without realizing that they’re outmatched. It requires extra care to keep them out of dangerous situations.


However, their big dog personalities can be very charming. When they think they’re bigger than they are, they often provide amusement to their pet parents.


They can get along with other dogs.


Chihuahuas are a very social breed. They can get along with other dogs of all sizes and breeds, depending on the other dog’s temperament.


Because they’re such social dogs, they thrive in households with other pets. While some dog breeds are better suited for single pet households, Chihuahuas can get along with other dogs, cats, other pets, and even children.


They love to cuddle.


Not all dogs love to cuddle. But if you want a dog that does love to cuddle, the Chihuahua is perfect! They often relax on the couch to cuddle with their human or to take a nap. If you’re sitting or sleeping, they’ll happily curl up with you and soak up all that extra affection.

 Chihuahuas Like To Cuddle Chihuahua Empire Blog

This makes them great dogs for elderly or homebound individuals. Because they don’t require frequent outdoor exercise and because they love to cuddle, they’re perfectly suited for those who aren’t able to care for a more active dog breed.


Their affection isn’t limited to elderly or homebound individuals, though. Their cuddly personalities are great for connecting with children and adults of all ages and ability levels.


They’re pretty much low maintenance.


Most Chihuahua breeds and mixes are considered to be fairly healthy breeds, making health care and maintenance easier than breeds with more extensive health problems. Although you should still take your dog to see a veterinarian regularly, you can rest assured that your Chihuahua will probably live a long and healthy life.


Because of their shorter, coarser coat, they are also easier to maintain. Even Chihuahuas with longer hair require very little grooming effort. Since they don’t have a long and curly coat (like poodles), they typically don’t require professional grooming.


Outside of regular brushing, your Chihuahua will require very little hygiene care. They often shed less than other breeds, making cleanup easier. Most sources recommend bathing your Chihuahua once every three weeks or so. To help maintain their dental health, it is also recommended that you brush their teeth a couple of times each week.


They love the sun.


These dogs love to sunbathe! You’ll often find them napping or lounging in a sunny corner. They’ll happily sit in the sun with you on your porch or in your yard.


Although it’s important to keep your dog from overheating in extreme temperatures, Chihuahuas make great outdoor companions. If you live on a farm or keep an outdoor garden, your Chihuahua companion will happily follow you around as you attend to outdoor chores.


They are loyal.


Dogs in general are known for their loyalty. Yet Chihuahuas are even more loyal than other dog breeds.

 Chihuahua Loyal Dog Chihuahua Empire Blog

Chihuahuas typically attach themselves to one person in particular. They are especially loyal to this person, who is often one of their pet parents. Their loyalty makes them excellent companions.


They are smart and easy to train.


Chihuahuas are smarter than many other dog breeds, making them easy to train. Early socialization can also prepare them to live with other dogs, or in homes where there are frequent visitors, like in an elderly care home. While they’re typically considered “yappy” dogs, they can be trained to minimize barking.


Their training typically goes smoothly because they are bright and pick up new ideas easily. If you train your Chihuahua early and consistently, they can be very well-behaved dogs.


It’s important to not use punishment when training your Chihuahua (or any dog). To teach them, use positive reinforcement training. When they produce the behavior you want to see, provide them with a treat or other affirmation. Over time, their behavior will be molded by this training.


They will alert you when people arrive at your door.


Chihuahuas are very protective of their homes. Because of their small size, they cannot necessarily act as guard dogs in a traditional sense. Although they’re likely to approach an intruder to protect their home, their size limits their ability to offer physical protection.


However, their barking can let you know that someone has arrived at your door. This is great for late nights or times you’re home alone. Your Chihuahuas barking can let you know to be on your guard.


Because of their small size, they cost less to feed.


Because Chihuahuas are so small, they don’t eat as much as other dog breeds. This means feeding them will cost a lot less money.


Even if you purchase high-quality fresh food from specialty dog food companies, you can do so affordably. You’ll spend a lot less feeding them because they don’t require much food.


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