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What Do Chihuahuas Like To Play With?

What Do Chihuahuas Like To Play With?

As we all know, Chihuahuas are often very energetic and excitable dogs. They may be small, but they have seemingly limitless amounts of energy! So to help them burn off this energy and have fun, it’s important to provide good things for them to play with.

         Going for walks is a good idea, but your Chihuahua will probably want more. And of course, they don’t have to play alone. There are plenty of things you can do with your little pooch to help keep them (and maybe you) entertained.

         So for this article, let’s talk about what kind of toys Chihuahuas like to play with, as well as different games you can play with your Chihuahua.

1.  Squeak toys

         When it comes to dogs, you can never go wrong with squeaky toys. The combination of biting something and getting noise seems to drive all dogs wild. While some people might find them annoying, you can’t deny that dogs love them. This is why they’re a great choice for your Chihuahua.

         Of course, you should make sure that the toy is the right size for your dog. You wouldn’t want your little dog trying to play with something meant for a German Shepherd!

         Also, consider the type of squeak the toy has. Some are more high-pitched and shriek-like, while others are a bit deeper. Some are louder, some softer. Think about what both your Chihuahua will like and what you will be able to tolerate.

         Lastly, as with all toys, think about durability. You don’t want a toy that’s going to fall apart in a week, especially if it’s meant to be chewed on. Find something that your dog won’t tear through right away, so they can get a lot of fun out of it.

Squeaky Donut Chihuahua Toy

         If you’re looking for squeaky toys for your Chihuahua, there are a lot of fun, colorful, and noisy options out there. Consider something like these adorable squeaky octopi, or some squeaky donuts.

2.  Chew toys

         There are plenty of toys out there that don’t squeak. Dogs love chewing things, so it’s great to give them something to chew on — or else they might find their own in your precious sock drawer :)

         Again, think about size and durability here. You want a chew toy that will last for a while, no matter how ferocious your little munchkin is. But also think about your Chihuahua’s teeth — don’t get something that’s going to be very harsh on them.

         And of course, don’t be afraid to have fun! Much like children, dogs seem to like bright colors and fun imagery. You can get monsters, animals, vegetables, and all manner of other things for your Chihuahua to chew on.

Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

         We recommend trying out this teeth cleaning chew toy, or some cute cartoon animals. And you can always find something that both you and your dog like!

3.  Cuddle toys

         Nearly every dog does it. They pick one, or more, of their toys and decide “I am not going to chew this one to pieces, it is my friend.” And that includes Chihuahuas. So consider getting your furry friend something to cuddle with.

         Sadly, we can’t always control what toys our pets choose to keep and which they destroy. You might get your Chihuahua the perfect chew toy, only to discover that they decide to never chew on it, and want to sleep on it instead.

         But if you want to try getting them something specifically for cuddling, consider getting something that looks like a dog, another animal, or something that they really like. You could even get them a stuffed animal to cuddle with (and just hope they decide not to destroy it).

4.  Tug of war

         Tug of war isn’t just a game for humans to play. Dogs love taking part in this game. They’ll sometimes growl lightly to display their strength — although it’s likely just playful. So why not play this game with your Chihuahua?

         There are a lot of toys out there made specifically for this. Most common are ropes, which can be fun, but you can also find toys of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

         Since you and your dog will be pulling on this toy, make sure it is safe for their teeth. Don’t take a plastic toy meant just for chewing and start tugging on it, or you could hurt your pup! It’s always best to find something designed with a tug of war in mind, so you know it’s safe.

         When playing tug of war with your Chihuahua, remember to be gentle. Don’t tug too hard, and go easy on your dog’s teeth. And even though you’re probably stronger, it can be good to let them win sometimes — they’ll have more fun that way.

Tug Of War Chew Toy

However, if you feel tired after a long day, or you're just not in a mood to play with your little gremlin, this Tug of War Chew Toy is everything you need to keep your Chihuahua entertained!

5.  Fetch

         Fetch is a classic, tried and approved by dogs everywhere. Nearly every dog enjoys playing fetch, especially if they start doing it when they’re younger. And it’s an easy, fun pastime you can do with your dog.

         Another great part about fetch is that you don’t need toys specifically for it. Nearly anything can work — other chew toys, squeaky toys, small balls, even a stick you find in the yard. But if you do want to get a toy specifically for fetch, you can!

         And, if you want, you can make your fetch toy multi-purpose by combining fetch and tug of war. Play tug of war for a bit, and if you win, throw the toy for your dog to go fetch.

6.  Crinkly toys

         There is another variety of chew toys that is slightly less common, but equally loved by dogs: crinkly toys. These are toys that make a distinct crinkling sound when you crush (or chew them). And much like squeaky toys, dogs seem to love the sound that comes from these toys.

         There are all kinds of crinkly toys you can find for your dogs. Again, they come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Plus, many think that this noise is much less annoying than squeaky toys, so it’s a great choice for your fur baby.

         If you can’t find any crinkly toys or want to find something in a pinch, you can even make one at home! Take a plastic water bottle (empty, of course — unless you want a big mess) and place it inside of an old sock for your dog to play with. This is a very fun toy, but you have to be careful and keep a close eye on it. As soon as you think your dog might have punctured the plastic, you should take it away to avoid the risk of them getting hurt.

7.  Treat hiders

         Dogs love treats, right? And they love digging things up or finding them? So why not combine the two! There are many toys out there that give you a fun new way to give your Chihuahua treats.

         Some of these toys come in the form of large balls that you place a treat inside. Your dog, by chewing on the ball and playing with it, can slowly ease the treat out. They can also come in tubes or other shapes.

         Another version is something that your dog is meant to chew through to get to the treat. This can be a ball, roll, or anything else that your dog can chew open to access that delicious treat.

         Whichever one you choose, your dog is sure to love it. They can have the fun of chewing and playing with a toy and get rewarded with a treat.

8.  Laser pens

         Although commonly used with cats, laser pens can be used to provide entertainment to a variety of pets, including Chihuahuas. They love to chase things and run around, and it’s even better if it’s something they can’t actually catch — then the fun can go on for hours!

         It’s really easy to find and use a laser pen too. Simply get one, shine it on the ground, and move it around for your Chihuahua to chase. Consider having it climb the wall, go on furniture, or even “hide” under the couch. It can provide hours of fun for you and your little pal! Just be careful to avoid shining it in your dog’s eyes, as that may distress them.




         Well, those are eight common toys and games you can use to bring your dog more fun. There are definitely more out there, and you can find nearly anything to entertain your dog! Just remember, get toys that are good for their size, make sure they are durable, and never choose toys that may be harmful to your beloved Chihuahua.

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