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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt from a Chihuahua Rescue

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt from a Chihuahua Rescue

If you found yourself on this page, then we will have to assume that you have not yet experienced the miracle of being friends with one of the most adorable dog breeds in the entire world.


Buy a Chihuahua, or adopt one?


Before we give you the Top 10 reasons for adopting a precious Chi, we would first like to inform you that rather than getting your Chihuahua from a breeder, you should first check into some of your local dog rescues. It makes a lot of sense to learn that Chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds of dogs due to their small stature and big personality, but that also comes with the unfortunate implications of unethical individuals who breed Chis only to sell them for profit.

This also implies that many people who get a Chihuahua only do so because the breed is considered popular, but not because they actually want to be the owner of a wonderful dog, who will, by definition, have its own needs as all living beings do.

Even worse, people who buy their Chis from untrustworthy breeders are more likely to change their mind once the puppy becomes bigger than they wanted it to be, as they are not aware that although Chihuahuas are generally tiny dogs, they also come in their own sizes and shapes. In other cases, people are not prepared for the massive commitment that comes along with owning a dog, and so they will inevitably abandon their dogs on the streets, or if the pooch is marginally luckier, into a rescue or shelter.

Chihuahua In Shelter Chihuahua Empire Blog

As a result, all across the country, rescues are filled to the brim with unowned and abandoned Chis who are in desperate need of loving homes. We are in the middle of a silent epidemic of dogs who need human love and kindness, and with Chihuahuas being the second most populous breed in the shelters, it is becoming more and more important to adopt a Chihuahua from one of these organizations. Here are the reasons why.


 Number 1: You are saving a life.


That’s right! While many shelters and rescues try their best to ensure that a Chi puppy will find its future home where it will grow and become a wonderful member of the household, the reality is that there are simply too many dogs within the system. Unfortunately, it is estimated that each year, more than a million adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized just in the United States, as there are too many animals in the shelters and too few people who can adopt them. Rather than buying a dog from a breeder, the number of euthanized animals can be reduced if people start adopting these loving animals some more.

With you, a Chihuahua can receive a second chance in life in a bright new home where it will be loved and taken care of.


Number 2: Your adoption will help more than just your Chihuahua.


As stated before, shelters all around the country are overburdened with millions of stray animals, with countless Chihuahuas desperately waiting to be adopted. There are so many lost and abused animals found every single year, and by adopting a Chi, you are making room for other dogs on the system. 

Furthermore, the small cost of the adoption process from these rescues directly goes towards helping these organizations improve the living conditions where these animals live in. By adopting a dog, the potential for another animal to find a new home opens on the horizon, and even though it cannot thank you, we do.


Number 3: You are fighting against the cruel breeding of puppies.


 When someone purchases a puppy from a pet store, it is almost a guarantee that it originates from cruel breeding facilities, where breeding dogs are left to stay in tiny, filthy spaces, receiving no care and only fed in order to simply survive. These facilities are more commonly known as puppy mills, which are essentially factories for the breeding of popular dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas.

Animals coming from these “facilities” are often sick, underfed, and behaviorally troubled as a result of the near abuse they have received from these cruel breeders. Even worse, after the breeding dogs are no longer able to have more puppies, they are simply discarded like broken toys and abandoned in the streets. And yet, people are unaware that the moms of the many puppies found in pet stores are usually kept in these small cages to breed over and over, without any love or companionship, but simply as puppy factories.

Chihuahua With Puppies Chihuahua Empire Blog

This is one of the main reasons we would urge you to adopt from your local shelter or rescue instead of simply buying a puppy online or in a pet store, as you are helping to fight against the pup mill phenomenon and eliminating the profit of these horrible, cruel breeders.


Number 4: You will get a Best Friend Forever.


Life is full of stress and complicated issues, but your Chihuahua will always be there to listen. They can become your BFF, as they will never judge you or reprimand you. To them, you are the kind person who saved them from a life in the streets or even worse and in return, they become your lifelong partner and friend.

With your Chi, you have a best friend in the form of an adorable little dog, or even better, a beloved family member. Together, you can play, go out for walks, and destress together after a long day. If you adopt your pooch from a shelter, it is a certainty that you will never feel lonely again, and neither will your new friend for life.


Number 5: You take advantage of getting an adult animal.


While many people will want a puppy Chihuahua because its tiny frame is considered cute and cuddly, it is more probable that you will get an adult Chi if you adopt from a rescue. However, this is actually considered an advantage, as adult Chis are amazing! In many cases, you will not have to deal with the “puppy phase” of your Chihuahua, which means that your furniture will evade the wrath of your Chi’s youthful energy, which usually involves chewing, clawing, and biting until it learns its surroundings.

Some of the adult Chihuahuas are even housetrained, and they can even respond to some general commands! By adopting an adult dog, you will be able to see their full personality and you will not have to be afraid of any future temperament issues.


Number 6: You will get an opportunity to get active.


Although this might not be on your priority list, a new dog from a shelter will give you the physical activity you might have needed in your life. Your new partner in crime will give you plenty of reasons to go outside for walks so both of you can explore the big world hiding just outside your house!

Rescued Chihuahua Playing Chihuahua Empire Blog

Furthermore, there are so many fun games you and your Chi could play together, which can also provide more exercises and an active lifestyle for both of you. Hide-and-seek, tug of war, and the most popular game fetch are sure to provide some light exercise for you and your athletic pooch!


Number 7: You give a lifeline to shelter employees and volunteers.


So many people seem to completely forget the hard, grueling work that organizations, such as rescues, conduct every day in order to make sure that the loving and loyal Chihuahuas offered to you remain at the top of their health, with proper feeding and veterinary care. It is true that the many employees and volunteers get paid little, and by adopting a pet from these organizations, you help ensure that the previous caretakers of your Chi can continue doing their brave, respectful work.


Number 8: You pay less for an adoption.


This should not come as a surprise, but adoption will cost you far less than buying a purebred Chi from a dog breeder. Due to their immense popularity, Chihuahua puppies from reputable breeders can cost from $500 to $1,500. An even bigger price tag is on the top of the tiny teacup version of the Chihuahua, with prices rising up to $2,000 due to its cuteness and status as “famous” dogs used in Hollywood movies.

On the other hand, the total cost of caring for and rehoming stray and abandoned dogs in the country can amount to more than $12 million dollars per year. Adoption fees help shelters offset these costs, and they can only use them and personal donations and fundraisers to fill the gap of expenses. In some states, standard adoption fees can be between $100-$200, a fraction of what someone would pay to buy a Chi from a breeder. And even then, all dogs go through a physical examination before they enter their new home, ensuring that they are healthy and ready to become an integral part of your loving family.


Number 9: Chis themselves are wonderful adoption animals due to their many characteristics.


Being one of the smallest dog breeds in the world comes with certain perks when a Chi gets adopted and goes to live in a home. They take less room in your house, meaning that they will fit well in a small home or apartment. Because of their small size, they are also less likely to suffer from some very serious heart and stomach conditions that larger dogs can be inflicted with, and Chis are known to live for more than 16 years! As long as they are physically active and go to the vet once every year, they can live really long lives. The little pooches are also known for their big personality, and even though they usually serve you some attitude, that is what makes them so cute and adorable.

Rescued Chihuahua Happy Chihuahua Empire Blog

Just like any other dog out there, Chis needs to socialize and be trained with other dogs and kids in order for their mental health to stay perfect! Finally, having such a small dog means that you will be spending far less on their needs, such as treats and food in general. Because of their small stomachs, they cannot eat much, so you can buy lots of dog food in bulk to last you for months!

Chihuahuas really are one of the best dogs that you can adopt.


Number 10: You will receive pure, unconditional love!


Our last and final reason comes in the form of the love that your Chihuahua will shower you with. With you being their savior from a short life in a shelter or the streets, one thing is for certain. Shelter Chis will connect with you as soon as you show them that you care about them, and they have so much love to give! They will never stop giving you their unconditional love once you let them into your heart. After your Chihuahua connects with you, then both of your lives will change in a good way! Your boring routine will evaporate with the fun unpredictability that a pooch can have. Your new dog will continue to make life exciting for you, no matter how down you are feeling. You will always know that your Chihuahua is always there to shower you with their pure love, and there are few better things than the love of a dog in this world.


Give a new life to a Chihuahua.


We hope that we convinced you that adopting a Chihuahua from a shelter is both ethically and ergonomically better than buying one from a dog breeder. Your adopted Chihuahua will not only have a second chance in life, but you are also doing a wonderful service to all the overcrowded shelters in America. Still, your new doggo will now have a warm, caring home, and you will have actively contributed to helping the lives of other Chihuahuas become better.

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