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The Ultimate Checklist For Traveling With Your Chihuahua

The Ultimate Checklist For Traveling With Your Chihuahua

With summer approaching, and the weather showering us with the lovely rays of the sun, the time for vacations and holidays has finally arrived too. After so many months inside our houses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, we have now the opportunity to enjoy some outside time. People are getting vaccinated, exotic locations are now opening up for the sweet release of summer. Many of us might already have booked our tickets and could already be making checklists on how to enjoy our vacation.

But wait! What about your best friend, your little pooch, your adorable Chihuahua? Surely, they need a break from all this time inside the home! A perfect holiday includes the best dog in the house too, and they would hate it if they were left behind by their own family. Even better, traveling with your dog has become the norm these days. Many people worldwide are choosing to bring along their dog to their vacation, as it gives them a sense of calmness since they will not have to think whether their pooch is doing okay all alone. Others simply bring them because as part of the family, it is impossible to leave them behind! We know that this includes you, but whatever your reason for traveling together with your Chihuahua, it is important to be prepared.


Things to do before you plan your trip!


The first thing a responsible Chi owner must do before they take their Chi on holidays with them is to have them chipped and collared. This can easily be done in the office of a vet, where a tiny chip is inserted under a dog’s skin using a small needle that will not hurt your pooch. While you are at it, make sure that your Chihuahua is also properly vaccinated with core vaccines, such as canine parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies. If you are traveling in a more international location, you should first research your destination regarding non-core canine diseases, such as Bordetella bronchiseptica and Borrelia burgdorferi.

Also, make sure to acquire the necessary documentation from your vet that your dog has been successfully vaccinated against these diseases, as the authorities may ask you once you arrive at your potentially international destination. If you are traveling within your country, it is still important for your Chi to be up on time with its routine vaccinations, guaranteeing both theirs and your safety. At the same time, make sure to stock up on any medicine that your dog may be using, and you have just completed all the medical, and important, details for the health of your adorable Chi!


Check up with the establishment where you will be staying!


After you made sure that your Chihuahua can travel safely and in a healthy manner, you need to check up on whether the establishment where you will be staying also allows pets. It is true that many establishments are not pet-friendly, so it takes a bit of research to make sure that you will not need a last-minute and expensive dog hotel in order to enjoy your holidays. You can easily find this kind of information on the establishment’s website, or you can simply call and ask them in order to be absolutely sure. The same can be applied to the method that you will be traveling with. As we know, there are many ways we can travel with their Chi, and that includes planes, cars, and trains. For example, if you are traveling by car, you will not need any special tickets to get your Chi with you, but the same is not true for airlines, where you need to pay a special fee for your pooch to board with you on the plane.

Train companies do allow some pets, but in most cases, they need to be below a certain weight. This is good news for every Chi owner, as their tiny bodies and frames will definitely weigh below that maximum weight! Moreover, each different method does have its own difficulties that you need to iron-out before you leave your home. In any case, however, you need to make sure that a Chi has its own suitcase filled with food, water, bedding, and toys, along with a dog first aid kit and a current photo of the dog. Here are some tips we have accumulated for your assistance, all categorized by method of transportation.


If you will be traveling to your gorgeous holidays by car, you need to:


  •         Allow your Chi to relieve itself and exercise at a minimum of four-hour intervals. Before you open the door of the car, do not forget to attach a lease on their neck, as the new environment might make them too excited, and it would be rather difficult to catch them and put them back in the car! Also, your Chi could become nervous if it finds itself in new, strange surroundings, and it could be startled by the strange scenery. Make sure to bring plenty of toys in the car so it will know where safety is!
  •         Make sure that when the car is moving, the windows are closed. A Chi is small enough to easily escape and fall from one of the windows.
  •         Prepare yourself for accidents. Some Chihuahuas have the tendency to become very carsick, especially if they have not traveled in a car before. In the case of an accident, make sure to have plenty of newspapers, plastic bags, and towels.
  •         Put your Chi in a moving crate. If you are traveling in a larger vehicle, such as a bus, this might be one of the many policies regarding pet travel. This can be especially frightening for your pooch, so have some toys in the crate to keep it company.

If you will be traveling to your exotic destination by airplane, you need to:


  •         Look up the fees related to the combined weight of the carrier and dog. While some airlines allow you to carry on your dog, you need to find this out before you get yourself to the airport. If it is allowed, you should also inform the flight attendant that you have a dog with you, so they will be able to cater to any needs that may arise.
  •         Only the carrier can be scanned during the radar check. Make sure to have your Chi’s collar so it does not escape when you take them out of their carrier.
  •         A cheaper and more common option is to transport your Chihuahua in the airplane’s cargo area. However, we would recommend against this practice, as a Chihuahua is a rather small animal and there have been many incidents where dogs were accidentally hurt during the plane trip.

If you will be traveling by train, you need to:


  •         Leave plenty of time for potty or toilet stops before you get to the train station. It would be very uncomfortable for them if they want to go to the toilet and cannot, especially if it is a long trip.
  •         Always clean up after your pooch if an accident happens, especially if you want to be allowed back to the rail system.
  •         Keep some tasty treats in your pockets or backpack! By rewarding them for staying calm and quiet, you can pair this new train experience with something nice, enforcing good behavior on your Chi.
  •         Always stay behind any indication lines when you and your Chihuahua are waiting on a platform for your train. Trains can appear quite fast, and that might make your Chi panic, creating the potential for a serious accident.
  •         Keep your Chi on a short lead, and never an extendable one, as it can become quite hazardous in a busy area filled with other passengers.

Of course, there are other ways that you can travel to your destination, such as a ship if you are going into one of the wonderful islands in Greece, but the same rules generally apply everywhere. Treat your Chihuahua as another tiny passenger, and you are ready to go!


Finally, we also have some general tips for when you will arrive at the destination.


  •         You must respect the rules of the hotel where you will be staying, as some charge pet fees. Your Chi should be leashed or in its carrier at all times, and the management should know that there is a dog in your room. Moreover, having some toys with you is a good idea in case your Chihuahua starts barking.
  •         Never use the hotel towels or bedding for your Chi, as this is not allowed in most cases. You should make sure to provide your own bedding or bed.
  •         Check if the hotel has any “pet-sitters”. This is a convenient option if the hotel offers it, but you will probably need to pay a fee to use it.
  •         If you leave your Chihuahua alone in your room, make sure to use the “do not disturb” sign, so a cleaner will not accidentally open the door and allow your Chi to accidentally escape.
  •         Aside from the room or house where you will be sleeping, you also need to know what you will be doing during your holidays. For example, if you are planning to have lots of walking with your dog, then your Chihuahua might not be able to walk that much with you, as they do not have as much energy as bigger dogs. For that reason, we would recommend getting a Chihuahua carrier or bag.

    Speaking of carriers and bags, we have some wonderful items in our shop that will definitely make your Chi enjoy the vacation as much as you will. One of the best items that we offer is the Chihuahua Carrier! Even better, it is airline-approved, meaning that your Chi will be able to come with you to your passenger seat! By buying this carrier, we believe that you will gain a feeling of freedom that comes from knowing that your Chihuahua has an appropriate quality carrier where it can relax after a long day of walking. This high-quality carrier will make sure that your pet will feel comfortable and like at home.

    Chihuahua Carrier Airline Approved

    If you are looking for a carrier that is both modern and fashionable, then we present you with this Chihuahua Safe Travel Carrier! Not only does this carrier will help your pooch if it gets tired, but it also puts your adorable Chi in front of you, making it able to see its adorable face smiling as it enjoys the holidays with you. Your Chihuahua will also be able to breathe comfortably and easily in it, due to the carrier’s exceptional mesh lining. Furthermore, you can choose from nine different color combinations, which will definitely match your personal style! With this carrier, taking your pup with you on a vacation will be an awesome experience.

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    Additionally, if you will be traveling by car, it is important for your Chihuahua to have a designated spot where it can stay and sleep. For that reason, we have a High-Quality Plaid Dog Bed. As your Chi will be spending a lot of time in the car, you need a durable and cozy bed. Made by a high-quality furniture fabric, this incredible material will make your Chi fall in love with its bed! With a fashionable design and a calm blue color, the bed is not only durable but quite stylish as well.

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    You are ready to go!


    Regardless of whether your trip will be short or long, it is a great experience for your pooch to come with you and enjoy some new scenery! It can be beneficial for a Chi to be exposed to new stimuli, such as smells and noises. However, you need to be prepared before your dog comes with you on a vacation, as they have many needs, and you will have to cater to them. But now, we believe that you are ready to go and enjoy the coming summer! Have fun!

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