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Should I Use a Harness or a Collar For My Chihuahua?

Should I Use a Harness or a Collar For My Chihuahua?

No matter what type of dog you have, it is important to know that they love going out for walks. Going on for a walk with their trusty partner fulfills that old natural instinct that resides within your dog, as their genetic makeup demands some daily exercise in order to stay fit, both physically and mentally. They will give you the saddest sight in the world or even bark when they ask you for that much-needed walk, wagging their tail in excitement and happiness when they see you grabbing that leash. Your little Chihuahua loves going out for walks, and despite their small frame, they are still dogs that want to go out and explore the big wide world all around them. However, because they are different than other dogs in terms of size, it might be a bit tricky to decide what exactly the leash should be connected to. Here, we will explore whether your adorable Chi should wear a collar or a harness. We all know you want the best for your pooch, so let us go and see all the qualities of both options.


The perks of the collar


It is common knowledge that dogs need to wear something on which we can hang their leash, rabies vaccination, license, and ID. Moreover, you can also add their name and a phone number stitched on top of what they will wear, in order to ensure that if they get lost, they will be able to return to their loving homes. These things can all be a common addition with the use of a simple collar, which the dog can wear around their neck.

Chihuahua Collar Chihuahua Empire Blog

Gearing up on a collar is one of the most common dog wisdom that exists out there. It is natural for an owner to first buy a collar for their dog, as it can be easily attached to a pup’s leash for walks outside. One of the greatest advantages of a collar is that there is a huge potential for personalization, coming in a variety of different colors and styles. The most common collars are designed to easily fit around a dog’s neck, not constricting the trachea for any dogs who may have any respiratory issues. In the case of puppies, slip collars are designed to close around their necks when they pull without choking, effectively preventing dogs from getting loose from both the collar and the leash during walks.

Collar For Chihuahua

This all sounds great for most dogs, but for Chihuahuas, it is an entirely different story. While collars are a quick and simple way to go out for a walk, they can also easily damage your Chi’s delicate neck and trachea, even compromising its health and safety. Smaller breeds like Chis are also quite prone to some underlying conditions, including collapsed tracheas, which can cause a quick tug on the collar to become an emergency situation and require an instant visit to the vet. Some Chis that are half-breeds can also have their necks as thick as their heads, making a slippage from the collar seem easy and effortless. Even if your pooch is perfectly healthy, rough pulls with a collar on their neck can cause problems to their thyroid gland and even spinal injuries over time, especially if your Chi is smaller than usual.


Tips for getting the best collar for your Chihuahua


Still, the fact remains that a collar makes it relatively easy to attach ID tags to your pooch, something that is necessary if it somehow happens that you lose your Chi, as it gives a way for someone to find out their home and return them to you. However, when buying a collar for your Chihuahua, there are certain steps you need to take before you choose the best fit for them. Here are some tips below:


  •         When you choose a collar, it should never be the exact measurement as your Chi’s neck, as it will be too tight and may increase the chances of a collapsed trachea. For that reason, you must measure your pooch’s neck and add one inch in order for the fit to be comfortable and snug. In other words, you should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and their collar.
  •         If your Chi is still a playful puppy, you will need to buy an adjustable collar, as there will be room to grow, and you do not want any accidents to occur. Chihuahuas are naturally small dogs, and for that reason, a lightweight collar will be best.
  •         If you measured your Chi’s neck and you cannot find a collar small enough to fit around it, then you can even try a ferret collar.


If you need some inspiration about what collars your Chi will look best at, always taking their safety into account, we have a wide variety in our shop that will make your pooch fall in love with it! For Chi’s who want to explore their wild side, we have the Spiked Leather Chihuahua Collar, a classic fit for protective and mischievous dogs! The spikes are specially designed so that they will never hurt your dog, only making them look like the coolest Chi ever!

Spiked Chihuahua Collar

On the other hand, if your Chi is a serious and sophisticated pupper, then the Chihuahua Bow Tie Collar will be an amazing addition to their wardrobe! Not only does this collar look fancy and deluxe, but it will also be very comfortable around the neck of your pooch.

Chihuahua Collar Bow Tie


The many benefits of the harness


But now you may ask, how do I make sure that my Chihuahua will not hurt itself with the collar? The answer is simple: a harness! Here at the Chihuahua Empire, we believe that harnesses are the most secure, most comfortable, and more importantly, the safest way to hook your Chi with its leash. Chihuahuas are considered a toy breed, and as such, they can be fragile. As mentioned before, a collapsed trachea is one of the most dangerous and common injuries a pooch may experience, as its thin bones and cartilage are especially prone to damage. This condition can make it hard for your dog to breathe and recovery time can be a long and tedious process, with many complications.

Chihuahua Harness Chihuahua Empire Blog

A good harness will effectively reduce the pulling on your pooch’s neck and also increase control over your dog, as it decreases the strong stress a collar might cause on the neck and joints, while also protecting the neck itself. As the harness allows all the collective pressure on their chest area and shoulder, it will essentially keep your Chi both safe and comfortable, even giving it a greater allowance of movement.


Some tips to figuring out the best harness


There are many varieties and colors of harnesses, just like collars. Picking a few different ones will give you the flexibility to choose the best harness, depending on the weather and the surrounding environment. It is important to highlight that a poorly fitted harness may cause even more potential injury than a collar, so here are some tips to remember when choosing a harness for your Chi:


  •         To measure the size needed for your Chihuahua, take a measuring tape, and place it around their chest, placing two fingers between your dog’s body and the harness strap.
  •         A harness with a leash hook is often included, but you should see if it is available.
  •         There are many types of harnesses, including lightweight ones for warm weather and heavier ones for cold weather respectively.

It should not surprise you to find out that we offer a wide variety of harnesses in our shop, made perfectly to protect your Chi when you both go out for a walk! One of our more popular items is the Elegant Harness with a Bow Tie. Like its name implies, this harness is made for the most elegant of pups, showing off to others how exceptionally fashionable they are. Even better, it comes with a leash, so your Chi will be ready for a wonderful walk outside the moment the harness arrives at your address!

Chihuahua Harness With A Bow Tie

For the pups that can get hot easily, we have one harness that will offer them the breathability they deserve. With the Chihuahua Breathable Plaid Harness, your Chi will experience the greatest level of comfort and coziness, while at the same time, it is available in three different colors and sizes, all showcasing a beautiful plaid and retro design that will make your pooch look beautiful outside!

Breathable Chihuahua Harness




Both collars and harnesses offer different advantages for your precious Chihuahua. Collars make it easier to identify your Chi, while when it comes time for a walk, harnesses are considered far better. For that reason, we would recommend getting both a collar and a harness to ensure that your pooch enjoys all the benefits that these two items offer. Now that you know that your Chi needs a full wardrobe, what is better than going and browsing our shop? We promise that you will not be disappointed!

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