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Preparing Your Home for a Chihuahua Puppy

Preparing Your Home for a Chihuahua Puppy

Bringing a Chihuahua puppy home is a very exciting moment. However, if you aren’t properly prepared, the whole process can be quite overwhelming. As a result, it’s critical to prepare your home before the little monster arrives. 

Here’s a checklist of the essentials you need to have before bringing a Chihuahua pup home.

Harness/Collar & Leash.


One of the most important things you can have when bringing a Chihuahua home is a good harness and/or collar. Harnesses are especially great for puppies who aren’t properly trained yet. Not only does the harness give you more control, but it also prevents the pup from getting tangled in the leash. 


Additionally, as Chis are very small, they tend to slip out of collars easily. As a result, it’s important to train your puppy to get used to wearing a harness from an early age.


Once the pup is trained and obedient, it can start wearing collars. Finding the right collar for a Chihuahua can be difficult, but not impossible. It’s important for the collar to be loose enough, so the Chi isn’t choking on it, yet tight enough so it can’t slip out. 


Just remember to discourage your pup from tugging on a leash, as small dogs can get injured that way, which is exactly the reason why your Chihuahua needs to be trained before wearing a collar.


Food & Water Bowl.


Choosing the right bowl for a Chihuahua can be tricky. First, it’s important for the bowl to be small enough for the pup to reach all of the contents. Additionally, if the bowl is too large, it can be difficult for you to track the Chi’s daily calorie intake, which can lead to obesity.


However, even if you choose a proper-sized bowl, a Chihuahua can be picky and decide not to eat from it. If that’s the case, you may need to try a couple of different bowls before you find the winner. 

 Chihuahua Food And Water Bowl

In addition, it’s important to choose the right material. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. Plastic bowls are cheap and colorful, so your Chi may be the most interested in those. On the other hand, stainless steel bowls are quite durable and will last longer. Whichever you choose, make sure to keep the pup’s bowl clean to prevent bacteria from forming.


Finally, always have two bowls readily available when you bring a puppy home – one for food and one for water. 

A dog bed.

You may think that you’re doing your puppy a favor by letting it sleep on your bed, but that’s not true. Human beds are not suited for Chihuahuas, due to their sturdiness. As a result, a Chi needs its own bed, which will curve and provide good support to your buddy.

A good dog bed needs to be soft and supportive. There are many varieties of Chihuahua beds you can choose from, so your Chi can have a good night’s sleep. For puppies, it may be best to go for a memory foam bed.

Just remember to clean your dog’s bed often.

Chihuahua Toys.

Toys are especially important for puppies, especially chew toys! Chew toys help puppies soothe the pain of teething, and they will give your pup something to gnaw on instead of your furniture. Additionally, Chihuahuas tend to have a preference for squeaky toys, so make sure to have those in hand as well.

Chihuahua Toys

However, it’s crucial for the toy you choose to be durable. If a Chi chews through the toy (or the toy breaks into smaller pieces), your pup can swallow and choke on the parts. Additionally, since finding a small dog toy can be an issue, it’s recommended to search for toys that are specifically made for Chihuahuas.

Finally, it’s best to have a few toys available when you bring your new pup home, so it doesn’t get bored with one toy!


Make sure there are a ton of treats waiting for your Chihuahua when it arrives at its new home! You can make treats yourself or buy premade. However, if you’re buying treats for your pup – always read the ingredients first, in case your new Chi has food allergies or otherwise needs a specific diet. 

Treats are important for many reasons. They keep your pup healthy and happy and they are essential in training a Chihuahua. Additionally, treats can be a great way to prevent dental problems we’ve previously discussed. 

You may need to try out a few different treat options to see which one your Chi likes best. However, make sure that the treats are healthy and relatively low in calories, as it’s easy to go overboard when rewarding your pup for good behavior! If your Chi is especially well behaved and deserves a lot of treats, then consider reducing their food portions to combat obesity.

Hygiene Products.

Food, a harness, toys, and treats are the basic things that come to mind when preparing your home for a new puppy. However, there’s one necessity that often gets overlooked - hygiene products. Keeping your Chi (and your living space) clean will do wonders for the pup’s mental and physical health. 

From healthy and strong teeth to a beautiful and soft coat - hygiene plays a bigger role in your Chi’s health than you may think. As a result, it’s important to have the necessary products at hand. Let’s look at the basics of dog hygiene.

Chihuahua hygiene

-Toothbrush & Toothpaste

As you may already know, Chihuahuas tend to have dental issues. As a result, it’s VERY important to take care of your pup’s oral hygiene. While there are other ways to keep your Chi’s teeth clean, the most effective way is to brush its teeth regularly.

In order to keep your Chi as healthy as possible, oral hygiene is a priority. Always use a high-quality toothbrush and toothpaste when cleaning your dog’s teeth. The best toothbrushes are double-headed or even triple-headed, and at a 45-degree angle, allowing you to clean below the Chi’s gumline. Additionally, always buy toothpaste that is specifically made for dogs, as “human” toothpaste is toxic to our furry friends. 

Finally, make sure to start cleaning your pup’s teeth as soon as possible. Not only will this prevent dental issues in the future, but it will also train your Chi to get used to having its teeth brushed.

-Shampoo & Conditioner

Every dog secretes natural oils from their skin, and bathing them will keep them clean and remove that specific “dog odor”. It’s important to keep your Chi’s coat nice, clean, and shiny. In order to do this,  you will need a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. 

In general, you need to give a Chihuahua a bath every month or so. Don’t bathe your pup too often, as it can cause dry skin. Additionally, if your pup is suffering from a skin condition (such as dermatitis) you may need to bathe it more frequently or use a specific shampoo. Always consult with a vet before introducing a new product to your Chi!

-Stain Remover

Accidental soilings are unavoidable when bringing a new puppy home. As a result, it’s important to have a good stain remover nearby before your Chi is potty-trained. Just make sure that the product you chose is safe for use, as some ingredients can be toxic to dogs.


Bringing and raising a Chihuahua puppy is a big responsibility! However, you can make it a little easier by being prepared for the big moment. With our list of essentials, you’ll have everything you need for your puppy to be happy and comfortable in its new home, and prepared to tackle the big world!

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