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Do Chihuahuas Smell?

Do Chihuahuas Smell?

Like humans, dogs, too, have their unique smell. When we mention a smell, it is usually tied to a negative thing, an odor of sorts. However, Chihuahuas carry a fragrance on their bodies, often connected to their chemistry, food intake, or general hygiene.

I've not yet met a breed that doesn't have some dog scent, but it should not be overpowering in a clean dog. Short-haired dogs, in particular, should be easy to keep clean. However, if you do own a long-haired Chi, you can still watch out for these factors that can cause your puppy to have a foul odor to them and see how you can prevent it.



Reasons Why a Chihuahua Might Smell Bad.



Some dogs smell more than others. Seasonal or food allergies can cause skin inflammation, leading to extensive oil secretion from particular glands in the skin, creating a musty smell. A poor diet can add to this disorder and induce other problems, including yeast infections that give off a foul odor. That is why we will break down all the possible causes.

  • Odors originating from your Chi's mouth

- The buildup of plaque – Plaque and tartar can have a pretty terrible scent. Typically, this has a 'rotten' kind of smell or a sour-type odor. Dogs constantly create plaque, and it can turn into tartar within 48 hours; so, unless you are utilizing techniques to keep it from building up, there is a good chance this is the explanation for horrible smells coming from your puppy's mouth.

- Corrosion and infections – If a plaque buildup has been ailing your Chi for a while, this may become a more severe issue since it eats away at enamel and can move beneath the gum line.

- Dog breath caused by dry kibble– When people talk about 'dog breath,' this is typically related to your dogs' breath smelling like their food, with an odd whiff to it. Even with top-quality brands, this smell is often caused by the kibble that a Chihuahua eats.

Dry kibble can have a coating of 'dust.' This dust comes from broken pieces of the food. If the food is stale, this dust covering the kibble will increase.

 A mixture of this dust with the dogs' saliva forms a paste. This food paste is challenging to consume. This is why it typically gets stuck in and around teeth or even in the inner pockets of the cheeks.

In turn, this can lead to a bad smell being emitted each time your Chi breathes out.


Are Chihuahuas Smelly

You can prevent this by buying smaller bags to consume faster and avoid staleness. You can encourage your Chi to drink more water after her meal or even brush their teeth after every meal.

- Foreign matter stuck in the teeth – Dogs are curious by nature, so if given a chance, they can consume or inhale any number of tiny objects, which in return can get stuck in between teeth. Commonly these are small blades of grass, sometimes even food or anything your dog can put in its mouth.

When something is stuck in the mouth, the increase of saliva, paired with potential bleeding from a gash in the mouth and combined with the degrading substance, can produce a bad smell.

If you suspect that this may cause bad breath, you can try and take it out with a toothbrush. Please take your furry little friend to the vet if you are unsuccessful.

Please check this detailed article on the more dental care you can provide to your Chihuahua.

  • Odors coming from the rear end

- Urine or stool stuck to the body - It is not a very fun topic to discuss, but it is unavoidable. We all know our dogs don't use toilet paper, not any type of disinfectant when they go to the toilet. This is why tiny bits of fecal matter can get stuck to the fine hairs around the anus. Even the smallest of amounts can smell bad if not removed.

While humans pee into the toilet, dogs do not. Depending on the surface they urinate on, it can cause a backsplash. It will soak into your Chis fur and cause an unpleasant smell when this happens.

You can avoid this issue by wiping down your Chi or checking whether any residual bits are stuck. You don't have to bathe them every time, as this can cause their skin to dry out.

- Anal gland oil – Anal glands are something that every dog has on each side of the anal opening. These are also known as scent glands, and they carry a scented oil that is released in modest amounts when two dogs greet each other. Tiny pieces are also removed when your puppy passes a firm bowel movement.

The oil smells exceptionally nasty. It is usually worse than skunk spray and can be very overbearing.


Do Chihuahuas Stink

Sometimes, the glands can be filled with excess fluid. They are also referred to as engorged glands. The Chihuahua may drag his bottom along the ground due to itching caused by the stretched skin. If so, the gland may break, discharging the oil. Even with a tiny rupture and if just a small amount of oil is dripping out, this is sufficient to send out a massively overbearing smell from which you will pass out.

You can prevent this by keeping your Chis stool firm. You can add a bit of boiled rice to their food or even a bit of pumpkin. You have to keep in mind that if you take your Chi to get their oil glands squeezed, you will have to do this for the rest of their lives. Better prevent it on time.

  • All over body odor

- How often do you bathe your Chi - Dogs constantly produce natural body oils. In order to have proper moisturization of the skin, these oils are needed. However, being oils, they do not disappear. They remain on the skin and need to be cleaned. If not washed, these oils will accumulate and cause a horrible smell. It may be a greasy, stale, or acidic type of smell.

Using the right products, you will want to bathe your Chihuahua once every three weeks. Ensure to massage the shampoo for at least 3 minutes thoroughly when washing the fur, reaching all areas of the body, and then rinse it out. Make sure there is no leftover shampoo on the hair.

- The type of products. If it smells right after a bath, there is a big chance you are not using the correct products when washing your Chi. Using cheap, generic, or inferior shampoos will not possess good cleansing ingredients. They won't wash away the oils if this is the case.

For additional information on how to keep your Chis coat perfect and clean, please read on it in this article.






While puppies may never naturally smell like a bouquet of roses on a summer's day, it's not typical for a Chihuahua to be very smelly or have any sort of foul odor. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary, please examine the potential reasons and make the changes where needed.
Your Chi will probably not be able to tell you what is wrong, and, if anything is, you should always pay attention to any possible signs or smells. Many of the issues tied to the scent we listed in this article can only be short-term if treated on time.

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