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Do Chihuahuas Run Away? How to Stop a Chihuahua From Running Away From You.

Do Chihuahuas Run Away? How to Stop a Chihuahua From Running Away From You.

A pet runaway is an ultimate nightmare for any owner. Not only is it fairly frustrating and makes you question your training and leadership abilities, but running away can be extremely dangerous for any pet, especially such a delicate creature as a Chihuahua.

When your Chi runs away, you instantly start imagining the most horrible course of events:


  • Attacks by aggressive dogs and wild animals
  • Falling or foolishly licking rat poison, pesticides, or any other chemicals
  • Injuries
  • Car hits


And unfortunately, in many cases, those nightmares tend to be real. The most common and devastating scenario is, of course, the fact that you Chihuahua may simply not be able to find its way back home. Most bred dogs and especially small ones are not adapted for stray life.

That is why it is so important to make sure that your Chihuahua won't run away and will stay in the safety of your caring house all his or her life. However, in this matter, many owners tend to go to extremes, keeping their furry friends at home or leashed 24/7.

In this case, you simply deprive your dog of its instincts, social life, and communication, which are as crucial for animals as they are for us. Eventually, you may get an unstable Chihuahua with severe behavioral issues. Remember how you felt during the Coronavirus lockdown? Then you know exactly what we are talking about here.

To make sure that your Chihuahua won't run away while maintaining healthy and balanced relationships with your dogs, you should, first of all, understand the reasons why your furry friend might be so fascinated with the grass on the other side of the fence.

Many owners tend to blame themselves for dogs` runaways. Others assume that it is simply in the animal's nature to seek freedom, and there is nothing to do with it. Both of those opinions are incredibly far from reality.

Continue reading, and you will learn why your Chihuahua may try to run away from you and how you can easily put an end to such dangerous urges.



Lack of Training And Discipline.



Unfortunately, Chihuahuas and many other small dogs tend to lack the necessary training and discipline.

Looking at this tiny creature, many people consider training unnecessary. Indeed, one thing is disobedient Sheppard that can cause serious trauma once misbehaving and another – a small Chihuahua puppy.

This misconception has granted those sassy dogs the notorious reputation of overprotective and vicious animals that consist of range and anger. However, the roots of such behavior and disobedience lie in our discrimination towards all small dogs.

Your Chihuahua's brain and psychology are no different from those of a Doberman or a Labrador. It is our perceptions and stereotypes that make the difference. Chihuahua is not a toy, accessory, or your baby; it is a dog. And your Chihuahua wants to be human's best friend on the same level as the neighbor's Sheppard.

Chihuahuas see discipline and obedience as an integral part of their lives, a hierarchy buildup that makes life easy, safe, and comfortable. When you don't practice obedience with your Chihuahua, he or she starts to think that you are not able to become a pack leader. Therefore the dog has to take responsibility for the whole family.

This is exactly where over protectiveness, aggression, and disobedience come from. A pack leader won't return when a subordinate calls him. And this is one of the main reasons why Chihuahua may ignore his owner's call and simply run away.






Even the most obedient and disciplined Chihuahua cannot withstand the call of nature. If you for any reason decided not to neuter your male Chihuahua, he will jump over the fence as soon as a female dog in heat appears in the neighborhood.

This instinct is the strongest among all living beings and became the main reason every species has survived until now.

It is important to understand that even knowing 100% that there is no female unsprayed Chihuahua in the neighborhood is not a guarantee that your male Chi won't get carried away by basic instinct someday.

Mating Chihuahuas Run Away

First of all, as we have already noticed, dogs don't really see the difference between breeds. It is only human nature to judge by appearance. Therefore, any female dog in heat will become an object of desire for your male non-neutered Chihuahua.

Also, dogs' nose is a million times more sensitive than human. Especially when it comes to such important things as mating, your male Chihuahua will smell a female dog in heat as far as 3 miles away. And as the song says: "ain't no mountain high enough", when it comes to mating.

The good news, only owners of male Chihuahuas, can face the danger of running away. Bad news, there is nothing to do with it except for neutering your Chihuahua before he hits puberty. Anyway, neutering and spaying have numerous benefits for Chihuahuas` health and life expectancy. Therefore most Vets will strongly recommend you to do so anyway.



Looking For Companionship.



Mating is not the only reason your Chihuahua may seek attention from another dog.

Remember what we said about the necessity of communication for dogs? Well, depriving your Chihuahua the right to play with other dogs, you multiply the chances that one day he or she may simply run away looking for companionship.

Although Chihuahuas, as well as other small dogs, are called "companions", humans, no matter how caring and loving they may be, cannot replace natural dynamics between two creatures of the same species. Even if you pay enough attention to your Chi, play with your pet, carry him with you everywhere, he will always prefer attention from another dog once a chance comes around.

The only way to prevent such behavior is simply to let your dog be a dog, let him or her socialize with other dogs enough, and fulfill their natural need for communication with brethren.



Your Chihuahua Is Bored!



Boredom is another common reason for Chihuahuas to run away from their neighbors. In a way, it goes hand in hand with a lack of communication with other dogs. But sometimes, even those Chihuahuas who regularly visit dog parks or live with other dogs in the house tend to run away.

It is a result of another common misconception about Chis and all other small breeds. People mostly consider them "indoors" pets. But, as we have already mentioned, mentally, your Chihuahua is no different from any other dog. It is not a hamster or a goldfish that can be happy in their aquariums all their lives.

Bored Chihuahua Run Away

Dogs are naturally curious and adventurous animals. They need to explore, migrate, discover new resources or simply patrol the neighborhood, learning about other dogs and animals on their territory through sniffing poles and corners.

The best way to prevent boredom and to run away, in this case, is to become a devoted partner for your Chihuahua and provide him with a lively, active lifestyle full of discoveries and new experiences. Try to take your Chi with you wherever you go as long as the dog's presence is appropriate and safe. Don't sit within four falls on the weekend, go to the beach or explore the nearest park or forest, make friends with local dog owners and arrange common picnics – there is so much to see and learn out there!

After all, both you and your Chihuahua will benefit from such an active lifestyle.



Summary and Tips For Preventing Your Chihuahua From Running Away.



Of course, we have listed only the fundamental reasons why your Chihuahua may run away from you. There may be different scenarios and variations. Sometimes Chihuahuas become victims of abuse from one of the family members, feel unsafe in your home or have trouble adapting to a new pet in the house or the house itself if you have just moved in.

However, if your Chi has always been calm and obedient and then suddenly started escaping, think of what might have changed in his or her life that could have provoked such behavior.

And if you have a young "fugitive" on your hands, the reasons and solutions for such behavior lie in the very nature of a dog and your role in his or her life.


  • Make sure to neuter your male Chihuahua
  • Practice obedience and leadership
  • Encourage your Chi to socialize with other dogs
  • Take your furry friend with you outside as much as possible


All those are essential recommendations that will definitely make your life with a Chihuahua more comfortable and joyful. However, there is another crucial thing: love and respect your dog. Only through understanding and accepting his or her nature, instincts, and needs will you truly bond with your Chihuahua, and your pet will never even think of abandoning you.

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