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Chihuahuas and Celebrities - Why do Celebrities Love Them?

Chihuahuas and Celebrities - Why do Celebrities Love Them?

It is even more interesting than a celebrity's relationship status: Their relationship with their dogs. Yes, their puppies. Stars have called their pets "fur babies" and created Instagram accounts just for them, which typically have more followers than we'll ever see in a lifetime.

This being said, there are many reasons why celebrities love their sassy Chihuahua friends, like their size and convenience of being able to take them wherever they go, as well as the sheer cuteness and the vast amount of clothes one can fit their Chi.

It's the best of both worlds. Active but don't require a ton of exercise. Chihuahuas are highly active dogs, and a short game of fetch can quickly wear them out. This feisty breed doesn't require much activity to stay happy and healthy, and they can get plenty of exercise in a small home with a game of tug.


Perfect Size for Traveling.



Chis' are one of the most miniature dog breeds there are. Due to their size and adorable stance, they appeal to many celebrities because they can fit into your bag and can be carried wherever, whenever. As we all know, celebs have to travel a lot due to their work. Because of this, whether they have private planes or are flying in business class, their sassy little friends follow them usually everywhere.

Chihuahuas Are Perfect Size For Traveling

Chis' adapt quickly and can be the perfect traveling companions, not only looking pristine, but they can also serve as therapy dogs, helping their owners with anxiety.

There are many examples of celebs taking their Chi's around the world, and they are probably the breed that travels the most. As they can easily fit into a carry-on bag (transporter) and gain access to planes, trains, and ships, you shouldn't have any trouble taking your Chi with you.


Fashion at the Ready!



We have all seen pictures of Chis with their respectable famous parents strutting around airports, getting from one flight to the next or on busy streets. Since there has been a vastly growing fashion industry demand for inclusivity among pets, Chis are certainly at the top. Being always dressed to a T, matching, or simply having their style, they are never plain and are easily spotted.

This trend started in the late 90s and continues to this day, to dress up your sassy little friend in anything from a "simple" tee to a full-on dress. As the demand is greater than ever before, there are many different types of clothes you can now purchase for your Chi. Even a Halloween Costume to match your own.

From feathers to leather, there is something for everyone. Depending on their own aesthetic, celebs dress their Chis for a trip to the grocery store to even the red carpet events.


Easy to Flaunt With.



As we mentioned before, celebrities who own Chis tend to bring them everywhere they go. This hugely has to do with their teacup size. However, that being said, Chis are very easy to be flaunted with. Many famous dogs are bought from pristine breeders and cost anywhere from $1500 to over $5000 a puppy. These dogs are not only there to look pretty and be dressed in the Swarovski crystals, but they are also there to show status.

Chihuahuas Are Easy To Flaunt With

Mundane people will probably not opt for such an expensive puppy, considering this will be their pet and a family member. However, celebrities know precisely that their puppies always have to be "the most expensive," the "best" there is. Chihuahuas are also one of the most expensive breeds to take care of. These puppies can cost up to $120.000 a year, from training to grooming and vet trips. If you consider everything, they are not cheap dogs to have, which doesn't really matter to celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, one of today's highest-paid actresses.


Chihuahuas are Great Travel Companions!



Chihuahuas are known for being able to adapt to different surroundings quickly. They are very connected to their owners and love them, which is why they are prepared to travel with them. Chihuahuas are also considered amazing emotional support dogs due to their unwavering loyalty to their owners. Once they have entirely settled, Chis' will provide you with the comfort and solace that few other breeds can do.

Chihuahuas Are Great Travel Companions

This may come as a surprise, but many celebrities do suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or even depression, which is why having their dogs with them at all times makes it easier and helps them in their daily lives and interactions with other people.


Their Personality.



You would be surprised at how many male and female actors and famous people own Chihuahuas. From Marylin Monroe to Micky Rourke, there are some genuinely unexpected pairings. However, Chis' are known for their feisty personality. They are very devoted dogs, and once a person goes through that threshold, they never turn back. The Chihuahua is one of all breeds' most dignified and fearless dogs. However, this dignified persona and confidence often make them hard to train and housebreak, as they can be pretty inconsistent with obedience. To sum up, the one word to describe the essence of a Chihuahua would be to say they're bold.

Their boldness can be very appealing to many people. Being fierce in the way they love, encountering the world, and even trying to train your Chi takes a lot of vigor. Despite their size and home-like nature, often traits that go along with less-intelligent breeds, the Chihuahua is quite sharp. They're quick to learn, process information, and navigate themselves into trouble in their youth. They're incredibly keen on their surroundings, which makes them fantastic watchdogs. Still, they are known to bark a lot on the downside, which can turn into a negative characteristic. However, many celebs find that cure and quite expressive. Aside from that, they're unfalteringly loyal. Once they solidify their place in a home, their people-pleasing nature blooms rapidly.


Untrusting Nature.



We know Chi's are amazing and loyal to a fault to their owners. That being said, they typically do not approach other people. Chihuahuas often bond to a single person, although they're usually willing to make friends with new people if properly introduced. They can be timid and reserved, which is probably one reason the celebrities love them. Through their work, they are expected to be approachable and friendly at all times. However, celebs, like us, are just people. In general, they tend to like their privacy and love doing everyday mundane things. This is why a Chi is a perfect dog for them. Being very vocal about any stranger approaching them and their owner, Chis can alert their owner of anyone.




Having the qualities of a loyal companion, Chi's are definitely one of the most irresistible dog breeds out there. Having such bravery packed in a tiny dog is undoubtedly not something to mess around with at all. They are loyal, protective, and fashionable babes that make the best of both worlds merge into one sassy little companion for life. It is no wonder the celebs love them so much. They may be an expensive breed to own, in general, but that doesn't take away from the love they will give. You could say they are definitely worth every penny and will not let you down.

We are looking forward to seeing what next famous Chi will pop up in Holywood with their even more famous parent.

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