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Apple Head Chihuahua - Ultimate Guide To Apple Head Chihuahuas

Apple Head Chihuahua - Ultimate Guide To Apple Head Chihuahuas

Whether you have owned a Chihuahua before or not, it is important to know the different kinds of Chihuahuas that exist in the world. Like most dog breeds, there are some types that are more common than the other as well as being considered a staple.

That is what the Apple Head Chihuahua is - a staple. It is not only that but also considered par excellence of this breed. This means that if you want to get a Chi, this should be your top pick if you're going to conform to the standard of this breed. If the staple is what you are after, then the Apple Head Chihuahua is a perfect choice, as it is considered a poster child among the Chi family.


How to Differentiate the Apple Head Chihuahua From the Rest?



For someone who never owned a Chihuahua, being able to distinguish an Apple Head Chihuahua from the rest might be a challenge, but we are here to help.

The apple head characteristic is a distinguishing physical characteristic expected of the breed. According to AKC (American Kennel Club), this is a standard for the breed. What you can expect and what is the trait is that the Apple Head Chihuahua puppy has a well-rounded skull (commonly known as an apple dome skull) with or without a molera.

How To Recognize Apple Head Chihuahua

A molera (also known as a fontanel) is a "soft spot" on the top of a Chihuahua's skull. It is equivalent to the bregmatic or anterior fontanelle in human babies. Unlike most mammals, Chihuahua's fontanelle persists into maturity. This recessed area makes the Chihuahua's head take a shape that resembles the top of a cooking apple. In addition to this, the Apple Head Chihuahua's head is also compared to the fruit because the skull's dome is much wider than the jaw.

From the profile, The CCA (Chihuahua Club of America) describes the Chihuahuas head as having a characteristic "stop" at an almost 90-degree angle. The stop is a phrase used to describe the angle from the forehead to the muzzle, a more prominent feature in certain breeds.


Height and Weight Expectancy in Apple Head Chihuahuas.


Apple Head Chihuahuas weigh up to 6 pounds when fully grown, which is the breeds standard. However, they can grow up to 8 pounds, as recorded in some cases. The height has no specific standards, the most common ones are 6 to 9 inches, but there have been cases where a Chi has grown up to 15 inches tall.

The most common measurements of an AHC:

Height (Male) - 6″ to 9″ Tall

Height (Female) - 6″ to 9″ Tall

Weight (male) - 6lbs, fully grown

Weight (female) - 6lbs, fully grown

While these standards are important if you want to take your Chi to dog shows, they are not vital for the rest. The most important thing is that your puppy is healthy and happy. The only time you need to worry is if your Chi becomes obese. Otherwise, their height and weight will not change anything regarding their personality.


Apple Head Chihuahua Characteristics.


This adorable breed has been one of the most popular ones for years. And with good reason. The Apple Head Chihuahua is a perfect, lovable, tiny and feisty dog that will be perfect for anyone willing to give their puppy undivided attention.

While owning to their big dog energy with possessiveness, aggression, and alpha dog behavior, it will also be an incredible addition to any home, with kids or without, as long as you guide it and have the patience to invest your time in training and socializing your new puppy.

Apple Head Chihuahua Characteristics

So what are precisely the main characteristics of an Apple Head Chihuahua? Let us tell you!

  • Loyalty and friendship - Loyal to a fault is a perfect description for this breed. You would not think that they ooze of loyalty, but they would follow their owners to the end of the world. Not to mention that they can provide you with a friendship that will never leave you lonely or sad.
  • Popularity - Chihuahuas are a special breed. And only a certain kind of people can own them. While they might not be in the top 10 breeds to own, this is primarily because of their ''bad name''. It just takes one contact with an Apple Head Chihuahua, and people would realize they are absolutely lovable.
  • Reputation - Chis' are, in general, considered aggressive dogs. The majority of people should understand that while this breed has a predisposition to be aggressive, they usually bark and bite because they are scared. If you are patient and approach them slowly, they will be as lovable as a poodle.
  • Intelligence - While they might not be the most intelligent dogs globally, Chihuahuas are definitely not stupid. They can be trained, but they like to be in control. Keep them entertained with interactable toys that reward them when deserved that will help them with their IQ.
  • Trainability - This is something that we will go into detail with, but with patience, Chihuahuas are highly trainable.
  • Socialization - They need to be socialized not to be scared of kids and people, and since they tend to snap at everyone who is not their owner, setting goals and a slow pace will always do the trick.
  • Behavior - Chihuahuas require a lot of interactions. They need to occupy their minds and bodies to get rid of their pent-up energy. Otherwise, they might chew everything around the house. Frequent plays or short walks will do the trick, and if they get used to being around people, other pets, and kids, they will be the most fantastic puppy you can have.



Apple Head Chihuahua Health Issues.



Apple Head Chihuahuas usually have a long lifespan for a dog. Up to 16 years of age. However, they do face some typical health problems that are present with Chihuahuas. These health issues include some heart problems, such as patent ductus arteriosus and mitral valve disease. Due to their bulging eyes, Apple Head Chis are also prone to eye injuries, along with eye infections. Idiopathic epilepsy and Patellar luxation are other conditions they are known to experience.

Apple Head Chihuahua Health Issues

Snoring, sleep apnea, and general discomfort are all the characteristics of brachycephalic airway syndrome caused by their apple-shaped dome head.

The Apple Head Chihuahuas often experience dental problems due to their tiny, rounded skulls. Hypoglycemia is also one of the health issues that is connected to Chihuahuas. It is caused due to low blood sugar and is shown in the form of trembling. However, shaking can also be related to some other causes.


The Apple Head Chihuahuas most common health problems include:


  • Patent ductus arteriosus - Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is dogs' most common genetic heart disease. It is hereditary and happens due to the ductus arteriosus muscle failing to constrict. This leaves a passageway for blood flow and results in eventual left-sided heart disease or generalized heart failure.
  • Mitral valve disease - is a murmur from a leaking mitral valve as early as four to six years. Initially, MVD is asymptomatic (produces no obvious clinical signs). As time progresses, the regurgitation becomes more severe, and as more blood flows back into the atrium, the heart's efficiency is reduced.
  • Eye injuries and eye infections - This is pretty self-explanatory. Due to their large and bulging eyes, this type of Chihuahua is prone to eye injuries and infections, more than the other types.
  • Idiopathic epilepsy - is the most common cause of seizures in dogs, and it is hereditary. However, the cause is unknown.
  • Patellar luxation - means that a kneecap is not in its original position. It moves as the dog walks or runs. It means that the kneecap has been dislocated.
  • Brachycephalic airway syndrome- is tied to the upper airway abnormalities, which can cause the dog to have trouble breathing, cause snoring, overheating, and even collapsing.
  • Hypoglycemia - is commonly known as low blood sugar, which is common among Chis.

    Besides the issues mentioned above, one significant health risk for any Apple Head Chihuahua owner is birth if you decide to breed them. Due to their larger head, complications can arise when birthing begins. Because of this, a C-section is often required to avoid endangering moms' and puppies' life.


    The Temperament of an Apple Head Chihuahua.


    Even though they are tiny and considered the smallest of dog breeds, Apple Head Chihuahua's personality is often described as big dog energy. They are cheeky, feisty, and charismatic, small dogs but big hearts. Considering their size, one would not believe in the amount of bravery these dogs contain. They are also very mischievous and playful and have lots of energy that can par with even the largest dog breeds. They are very possessive of their owners and love to cuddle and nap near them. Even though they are feisty, they can easily scare in public, surrounded by people and cars. Because of this, they need to be either socialized well or carried to avoid your Chi getting terrified. While many consider that these dogs are best in households with no children or other pets, because of their protective traits, they can be trained to behave and get along with anyone.


    How to Take Care of an Apple Head Chihuahua? Useful Tips and Tricks.


    Chihuahuas are brilliant pets and learn quickly. However, being a new Apple Head Chihuahua owner might seem complicated, but in reality, the vital part is socializing them well and paying attention to their health.

    Apple Head Chihuahua Maintenance

    Keep in mind that if you leave your Chihuahua untrained, they will leave chaos behind them, and they will not get along with anyone, not to mention that they will constantly bark. Patience will become your best friend. Despite their size, Apple Head Chihuahuas also require weekly grooming, especially if they have a long coat. This is why we will dive into the nitty-gritty of grooming.

    • Grooming.

    Considering their size, the Apple Head Chihuahua grooming is relatively low maintenance. Short-coated Chihuahuas require less than long-coated ones. Due to their sensitivity, Chihuahuas do require regular bathing. When they are puppies, keep to once a month. However, as they get older, you might need to bathe them more often, when needed, as they tend to get dirty if they play outside often.

    Brushing should be done a couple of times a week, especially with long-coated Chihuahuas, as they can get matted, and tangles can result in a skin allergy. It would help if you never shaved your Apple Head Chihuahua, regardless of how warm it is indoors or outside. To avoid burns and heatstrokes, they need their fur, as it offers at least some protection.


    Dental health issues are something that Chihuahuas are very susceptible to, and complications can be terrible for your puppy's health. This is why you need to brush their teeth often and routine teeth cleaning at your veterinarian is a must. It is essential to make sure you start and get your puppy used to this routine because they will fight it if you start at a later age.

    • Eye Care.

    Considering the sensitivity of their eyes, you should always pay attention to them when playing or engaging in any way with your Chi. Eye injuries and infections are common, especially later in life when their sight is not what it used to be. If you notice any irritation or changes, make sure you visit your vet.


    How To Train an Apple Head Chihuahua? - The Do and Don't.


    Patience is key. In order to become friendly and well-behaved, you need to start training and socializing your puppy from the moment you buy or adopt them. This is an essential part.

    Since they are very sensitive, you have to devise a slow-paced but engaging training program for your Apple Head Chihuahua. They have a small and delicate build, but they are packed with energy. You cannot force them to do anything, and you need to be careful not to over-exercise them. It would help if you were gentle but persistent as you train them since they are pretty feisty and will "talk back." Getting your Chi to respond to commands and behave is the ultimate goal.

    Apple Head Chihuahua Training

    As mentioned before, Chihuahuas have the big dog energy, and they will, if you let them, take over control and will not listen to you. It is vital to establish who the pack's alpha is and not give them the rains, or you will be stuck with a dog that will not heel or listen to any commands.

    You need to set and enforce boundaries as early as possible. Your Chihuahua will need to be reminded constantly what is good behavior and what is not to maintain power and piece. Training them with positivity and rewards will work well with this breed and should be encouraged as much as possible.

    The different types of training required for your Chihuahua are:


    • Obedience - Your Chi must listen to your commands. You do not have to over-complicate this. Just the basics will do unless you prefer to have an unruly dog.
    • Discipline - This is tied to doing their business in the house or tearing your clothes and furniture apart. It would be best to discipline your puppy from the beginning to avoid such messes.
    • Agility - While Chi's may not be the most intelligent breed around, they can learn. You have to equip yourself with patience and work with your Chihuahua to accomplish this.
    • Socialization - As we are aware, Chihuahuas need to be socialized. They often do not get along with other dogs and children, even other humans. This is why socializing them from a young age will benefit both of you.

      If you prefer to train your Chi on your own, without a professional trainer, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

      TEACH THEM THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMANDS - This will help you maintain the obedience your Apple Head Chihuahua needs. Words such as stop, wait, heel, come are the basic commands that every dog needs to know.

      CARRIERS If a puppy gets used to carriers, it will be much easier for you in the long run. To transport your puppy safely, even when traveling, is a vital thing, especially if you decide to hop on a plane or train. This is why you should start from an early age so that your Chi can get accustomed to it.

      POTTY TRAINING – If you want to avoid lifting of your floors and staining, potty training should definitely be one of the top things you can teach your Chi. You might want to use diapers for dogs and also take your puppy out as frequently as you can for them to realize that your home isn't a bathroom.

      WALKING ON A LEASH – Certainly, an essential thing for a dog to know, whatever their age. Leashes will keep your Chi safe at all times, and within your sight, so they will not be able to get lost or ingest something of the street.


      Exercise for Your Apple Head Chihuahua.



      Despite their tiny size Apple Head Chihuahuas require regular exercise to stay healthy. Short walks around the block or a yard will keep them satiated and help them get rid of their pent-up energy. The key here is not to over-exercise them as they cannot keep up like large dogs. They get tired easier and need frequent rest to recuperate. If you push them too hard, they can experience knee problems, as Chi's often suffer from arthritis. A balanced exercise regime will be perfect, and if you want, you can increase the time they spend outdoors with you over time.

      Owners tend to make a mistake regarding Chihuahuas, frequently carrying them around instead of letting them walk independently. Because of this, they often, in fact, do not get enough exercise and can develop issues with their knees sooner rather than in their senior years. Obesity is also one of the common issues that can present themselves due to lack of exercise. It is vital that you give your Chi the option to move around, run and play. Mental stimulation through playing is also necessary. This is why you can always buy them interactive toys that will keep them entertained for hours.

      Apple Head Chihuahua Exercise

      Due to their size and sensitivity to cold temperatures, Chihuahuas may not fan the cold weather. However, you can always done a warm winter jacket on them, which will keep them dry and warm and allow them to move around even in snow. Even if you do not want to expose your Apple Head Chihuahua to the elements, at least take them for a walk twice a day to do their business. Many owners do not realize that a dog that has been taught not to go to the bathroom inside will often feel guilty and even withhold from going at all, which can cause them to suffer. A quick walk will do you both good, and getting fresh air will keep your puppy healthy.


      The Best Nutrition for Apple Head Chihuahuas.


      Dog food is a vital part of your Chihuahuas life. Quality food packed with nutrients is a must. Picking the right one should be a priority on your list, above everything else, because it will impact your dog's life significantly. Raw food diets are also recommended, as they tend to minimize any dental problems your dog might experience. Choose the kibble suitable for small dogs and make sure your Chi has a good amount of vegetables and meats in its diet.

      Since they are huge meat eaters, Apple Head Chihuahuas should have at least 40% of meat in their diet. You should also feed them vegetables such as carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, and many more.

      Their diet should be balanced to ensure their quality of life.

      - Adult Apple Head Chihuahuas should eat around 225 calories a day. This is easily overlooked as Chihuahuas love food. They love to eat, even when they do not necessarily need to. Be careful not to overfeed your Chi, but also make sure they get enough protein and carbs, and fivers.

      - Apple Head Chihuahua puppies usually weigh around 1 pound until four months and require 115 calories per day. You should add about 50 to 75 calories to the 115 per day for every additional pound of weight until they are four months old. After this period, they will need fewer calories to avoid getting obese.


      Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies.



      What makes Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies popular is their tiny size, lifespan, loyalty towards their owners, and personality. However, they are a very sensitive breed, and they can have a lot of health issues throughout their life. They can easily get injured, whether it is by dropping them, playing a little rougher with them, or simply on walks or at the park. This is why families without children or adults, in general, would be the best fit. That being said, they can be socialized, and your kids can be taught how to handle a Chihuahua puppy. What this breed requires is indoor living, warmth, safety and snuggles, and attention from their owners.

      Apple Head Chihuahua Puppy

      Compared to their size, their sassiness and big dog attitude are the most appealing to potential owners. Getting an Apple Head Chihuahua Puppy will be a challenge, but it will pay off. If you train them and socialize them on time, they will grow up to be wonderful dogs that will be devoted to you and give you an enormous amount of love and kisses.


      How Much do Apple Head Chihuahuas Cost?


      This is something that every potential owner is interested in. How much will it cost you if you are prepared to open your home and heart to an Apple Head Chihuahua? If you are looking for a reputable and ethical breeder, you will know when you have found one by the price. They do not over-charge and are aware that just because this is a breed standard, Unethical breeders are prone to inflating their prices by making buyers believe they are selling a rare variety, which is not the case. Apple Head Chihuahuas are sold worldwide.

      Depending on their lineage, Apple Head Chihuahua puppies can go over $5000 in price. However, the most common price range is between $500 - $1000, and this is if the puppy is coming from a reputable breeder. This being said, if a breeder is trying to sell you a puppy at a much higher cost and not being able to provide paperwork that would justify the price, tread carefully, as this might be an unethical breeder. The price has to be in correlation with the lineage, and if the parents are dog show champions, then you can bet you will be paying more.




      Apple Head Chihuahuas are the breeds standard. If you wish to take them to dog shows or any other competitions, this variety is a must. However, your choice might lie in your preference. Maybe you like this type over the others, which is perfectly fine. Whatever your reasons, make sure to be prepared to invest time and patience in grooming, training, socializing, and maintaining the overall health of your new fur-baby. They will reward you most magnificently. They will provide you with an unmeasurable amount of love and devotion, which you will not find anywhere else.

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