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7 Reasons Why a Chihuahua is the Best Pet for Your Home

7 Reasons Why a Chihuahua is the Best Pet for Your Home

We’ve previously discussed 5 Things You Need to Consider before Getting a Chihuahua Puppy, where we listed the potential issues a new owner might encounter when getting a Chi.  However, that shouldn’t discourage dog-lovers from taking this tiny breed into consideration when choosing a new pup.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a Chihuahua would be a perfect addition to your home!

They live a long time.


Although we’ve discussed the common health issues that Chihuahuas suffer from, it’s important to note that virtually every breed has a predisposition for various health problems. With that in mind, Chihuahuas are a generally healthy breed. As a result, they have a longer life span.

Additionally, it is a known fact that smaller breeds live significantly longer than their larger counterparts. For example, the expected lifespan of a Great Dane is less than 10 years, while the same for a Chihuahua is up to 18!

Consequently, if you want to spend as much time as possible with your new best friend, a Chihuahua is a great choice! Naturally, you need to keep your pup healthy, happy, and well-fed to increase its lifespan.


They don't need much exercise.

Chihuahua Exercise

 As Chihuahuas are tiny, they require little exercise (but not zero!). In fact, running around indoors is enough for this low-energy breed. Throw in a short daily walk and you’re done with exercising your Chi! 

Chihuahuas require little grooming.

A common misconception is that Chihuahuas are a non-shedding breed, which is not true. They do shed, and Chihuahuas with a double coat shed more than their single-coated counterparts. However, both require little grooming.

Chihuahuas need to be brushed regularly (especially for long-haired breeds) in order to keep their coat nice and shiny, as well as to prevent some shedding. Additionally, they usually need to be bathed once a month. Finally, Chihuahuas need to have their nails trimmed, approximately every month.

While the amount of grooming required for a Chihuahua may seem like a lot, keep in mind that every single dog needs to be groomed in one way or another. When compared to larger breeds with longer coats, the difference between the maintenance required becomes apparent.

They are very loyal to their owner.

Chihuahuas are said to be “one-person” dogs. While that’s not completely true, they do tend to cling to one person more than others. As a result, they are fiercely loyal to their owner, sometimes to a fault.

Chihuahuas Are Loyal

Despite their size, Chihuahuas are great guard dogs. They will be aggressive towards strangers, as they crave their owner’s attention and become jealous. Consequently, it’s very important to socialize your Chihuahua from an early age.


They are great for apartment life.

Not all small breeds are made for apartment life, but Chihuahuas are!  They are an indoor pet, requiring little to no outdoor exercise. In fact, Chihuahuas don’t really like going outside (unless it’s a warm and sunny day), making them a perfect pet for those who are too busy to go on walks multiple times a day.

Additionally, not having a yard is actually a good thing when owning a Chi. As we’ve mentioned in 5 Things You Need to Consider before Getting a Chihuahua, Chihuahuas can get snatched by large birds due to their low weight. By keeping your Chi in an apartment, you know they are always safe and sound.

Chihuahuas are low maintenance.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, Chihuahuas are a very low maintenance dog, especially if you go for a short-haired Chi which requires almost no grooming. Additionally, as they are very small, they don’t need large and expensive toys.

However, it’s important to distinguish between low maintenance and no maintenance. Every single dog requires a lot of patience and attention from their owner. While there are reasons which make Chis a low maintenance breed, any new owner should be aware that getting a Chihuahua puppy is a big responsibility.

They are adorable!

Let’s be honest, Chihuahuas are adorable! They are the smallest dogs in the world, and that title alone is worth a lot of points on the cuteness scale. Additionally, Chihuahuas come in many varieties, leaving plenty of options to choose from! They can be short-haired, long-haired, with a single or a double coat, and pretty much any color you can imagine. As a result, you should have no issue finding the perfect Chihuahua as your loyal companion.

Are Chihuahuas Adorable


In summary, Chihuahuas are an adorable breed that will light up any home they enter! They are low-energy dogs, and require little exercise, making them perfect for busy owners. Additionally, Chihuahuas are a very healthy breed with a long lifespan, ensuring that you will have plenty of time to make memories with your pup.

However, the most endearing thing about a Chihuahua is its unwavering loyalty to its owner. With a Chi, you will always have a trusty companion by your side.

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